Sexy ‘Pool Boy’ Ad from Coke Uses Subtle Diversity Pitch and it Works Very Well

How can you not love the Pool Boy? We’re referring to Coca-Cola’s new ad released earlier this month in Argentina as part of its “Taste the Feeling” campaign.

Created by WPP-backed Santo ad agency in Buenos Aires, the ad features a brother and sister in different rooms of the house desirously staring out the window at the hot young man cleaning their pool on a blazing hot day.

Both race outside to offer him a Coke but, someone else has beaten them to it.


I won’t give it away. Watch for yourself. It’s a gem.

The ad has been embraced by the LGBT community for its approach to a gay character.


And it should be embraced. Besides being very funny, what makes the deeper message resonate so well is that the inclusion of the gay character it completely nonchalant, like it’s nothing out of the ordinary –which is EXACTLY how it, and the real world should be.


No word yet on how the cougar community has embraced the pool boy ad, but likely they’re happy with it, too.

Here are other spots from the “Taste the Feeling” campaign:


“Pool Boy”
Agency: SANTO
Creative Directors: Sebastian Wilhelm, Maxi Anselmo & Pablo Minces
Art Director: Maxi Anselmo
Director of Photography: Jose Luis Garcia
Production House: Landia
Director: Andy Fogwill

Agency: McCann Madrid
Creative Directors: Monica Moro (ECD), Raquel Martinez, Victor Gomez, Pedro Rego
Production house: Landia
Director: Andy Fogwill
Director of Photography: Jose Luis Garcia

Agency: McCann Madrid
Creative Directors: Monica Moro (ECD), Raquel Martinez, Adolfo Vallejo, Oscar Martinez
Production House: Argentina Cine
Directors: Augusto G. Zapiola & Martin Romanella
Director of Photography: Christos Voudouris

“Eyes Closed”
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mexico City
Creative directors: Cesar Agost Carreno (ECD), Alejandro Gama
Production house: Agosto (Spain)
Director: Belén Gayán
Director of Photography: Carl Nilsson

Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill

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