Coca-Cola’s Iconic Bottle Turns 100-Years-Old Today

The original Coca-Cola bottle design turns 100 years old today. Coca-cola, which had started making Coke in 1886, was facing fierce competition and wanted a distinctive bottle that would distinguish it from rivals.

When the company announced a design competition for glassmakers in 1915, they told contestants that they were looking for “a bottle so distinct that you would recognize if by feel in the dark or lying broken on the ground.”

The winner patented No. 48,160, gave birth to what was then, and now, the unmistakable curves and a distinctive contours that are only Coca-Cola.

Original Coca Cola Bottle Patent - 100 Years

Original Patent

Despite countless attempts from imitators, the Coca-Cola bottle has become an undisputed icon that has changed little over the past 100 years, but has managed to remain relevant to generations around the world.

“Today is a true milestone birthday for Coca-Cola. One hundred years ago, a design was created that would go on to become a global icon,” said Coca-Cola South Pacific Group Marketing Manager, Dianne Everett.

“It’s a truly special thing to think that although Coca-Cola as a brand has changed and reinvented itself over the years, this design  icon  has  remained  the  same.  Here in Australia, we’re delighted to finally mark the actual 100th birthday of the Contour bottle after a wonderful year of exciting celebrations.”


History of Coca Cola Bottle

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