Coc Coc and Yandex Release Results Following Six Month Collaboration in Vietnam

    By The Staff - Nov 26, 2019
    Coc Coc and Yandex Release Results Following Six Month Collaboration in Vietnam

    Image: Hoàng Chương via Pexels

    The Vietnamese browser and search engine Coc Coc has announced the doubling of revenue from advertising in its Newtab 4.0 feature, launched together with European internet firm Yandex in March this year.

    In the six months following the launch, the feature has gained popularity with the 24 million Coc Coc users across Vietnam through its use of an AI-powered, personalized content feed developed by Yandex and built into the browser’s start page, on both desktop and mobile.

    “Internet users are craving a personalized digital experience; a medium that can offer them all the relevant information in one place,” said Dao Thu Phuong, Coc Coc deputy CEO. “With the integration of Yandex Zen technology, we now provide such a medium for each person, right when they start browsing the internet.”


    The number of daily active users of the browser’s content feed in October 2019 was up 53% compared with the active users the first weeks after launch. More than 23% of Coc Coc’s desktop users view content in the Yandex Zen feed every day, said a release from the brand, which added that the daily number of clicks on recommended content has surged by 419%, while the number of content tiles viewed by each user has increased 187%.

    “Based on what we have learned about our users in Vietnam, our algorithms can provide personally targeted content to local internet users,” said Dmitry Ivanov, Yandex Zen’s CEO. We will continue to work with Coc Coc, improving the quality of our recommendations and launching new formats.”

    The new ad format is becoming particularly popular with advertisers in the pharmaceutical, beauty, travel, education, e-commerce, and consumer electronics industries, which are showing an increased demand for this type of targeted advertising, said the brand.


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