Clever Korean Street Marketing Trick – Must be the Money

Many people have fallen for this clever marketing trick in Korea. It’s an interesting tactic for sure –as these photos that have been making the rounds on Korean websites will attest.

We would love to see the research, if there is any, as to how many people are angered by this marketing strategy and refuse to ever go anywhere near the advertiser’s product or service.

Businesses are still doing it, so it must be working.


Hey! What have we here? Money!

Fake Money Korea - Branding in Asia

And… it’s an advertisement for a restaurant.

Fake Money Korea - Branding in Asia 3  Screw that place.

Fake Money Korea - Branding in Asia 2

This was submitted by Canadian native Jon Powelson. He’s currently living in Korea.

Powelson says the fake money trick is not an uncommon marketing method there.

“A few years ago, before the 50,000 won bill came out it was common to see some 10,000 won pamphlets,” said Powelson. (10,000 won is about $10)

“I myself have almost been fooled by them. Most people can immediately spot the difference between the advert and a real bill. For some, they are already bent down halfway before they figure it out.”


This was originally posted on the Facebook group, Only in Korea.



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