Is that Cigarette Having Sex with a Tooth in Korean Toothpaste Ad?

A Korean whitening toothpaste has launched a print ad campaign in the European market that is truly unique and inspired.

There are three ads in the series: The first is a cigarette possibly having sex with a tooth (we can only assume they are having sex because neither is wearing pants); The second is a chocolate bar possibly doing the same thing with the tooth (pants still on, can’t confirm); And finally, the tooth enjoying a hot bath with a coffee bean.

If the aim of the stain-reducing toothpaste is to brand an indelible stain in the minds of Europeans, then mission accomplished!


The campaign slogan is “Enjoy Life”. And that they are.

The ad was produced by the highly-acclaimed Seoul-based creative agency Cheil Worldwide, which was founded in 1973 by Samsung patriarch Lee Byung-chul, and now has 48 offices and 8 affiliates in 41 countries.

Toothpaste cigarette sex with tooth

Ijota Super Whitening Toothpaste is produced by Greenpeer. They are also based in Seoul and tapped Cheil for the print ad campaign aimed at the European Market -where it’s already raising eyebrows.


A Korean blogger made note that these ads will likely not appear in the Korean market due to their sexual nature, adding that the ad commission would likely insist that they be toned down.

Without further adieu:

Ad Credits

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Seoul, South Korea
Executive Creative Director: Wain Choi
Creative Director: Saeho Kwon
Art Directors: Giho Lee, Junggi Seo
Copywriters: Dean Pinnigton, Luke Ashiton, Giho Lee
Clay Artist: Sung Gae Kim
Photographer: Tae Whan Kim
Retouchers: Wonsub Park, Jaesung Kim
Media Manager: JinAh Lee



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