Chubbies says Men’s Synchronized Swimming Deserves its Day

We simply love it and we’re running with it. The folks over at Bro Bible did a great write up on it so we’ll just let them speak on it:

Gotta love this video from Chubbies. They have a great point — Why is there no men’s synchronized swimming? Isn’t it sexist that the sport is only open to females in 2016? Shouldn’t fat dudes with dad bods like me be able to rock nose plugs, a swimmer cap, and a Speedo to do water acrobatics? I’m a goddamn good swimmer and, like these Chubster, I should get a shot in the pool to prove that dudes can synchronize swim too. I’d one-up this perfect 10 performance by adding in burrito-eating.

Men’s synchronized swimming needs to be a thing. If the IOC isn’t going to listen, we’ll just have to create our own damn Olympics. A beer Olympics, complete with a regulatory body and host countries.



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