Christmas Lights for 24 Murdered Women Highlights Domestic Volence

All Woman’s House remembers women lost to domestic violence in 2021 with a traditional Swedish Advent candle.


Alla Kvinnors Hus



Studio Mint

According to a new campaign in Sweden, last year, 24 women were murdered in the country, many by someone they had close relations with. The campaign goes on to add that according to the police, the number of reports of domestic violence is expected to increase during Christmas.

In acknowledgment of these troubling statistics, All Woman’s House produced an advent candle – All Women’s Light – with 24 names, one for each woman who was murdered in 2021. The advent candle is a deep-rooted tradition in Swedish households and an important countdown until Christmas Eve, the 24th of December. The candles usually hold the number 1 to 24 representing the days, but this year Alla Kvinnors Hus added a name to each number.

“This year we view the countdown to Christmas in a different light to draw attention to the deadly violence against women. Our campaign will remind the Swedish government that our fight against domestic violence never ends and that people are requesting change,” said Ann Isaksson, director of operations at the women’s shelter Alla Kvinnors Hus in a release.


The campaign was done in partnership with the advertising and design agency Familjen.

Alla Kvinnors Hus plays an important role in helping adults and children who have been victims of domestic violence. Their tireless commitment has inspired and touched us deeply. We are very proud to highlight their important work with this campaign and get more people to support them.

In the communication of the campaign, the agency highlights a classic Swedish Christmas phenomenon – the advent candle – but the cozy feeling is quickly replaced when you see the following names and understand the context, said Oskar Ferm and Lia Merkel, lead creatives at Familjen, in a comment.


The advent candle is handcrafted by Brynge Candle Foundry and comes in custom-made packing. The candle has been sent to key stakeholders and influencers. Every day until Christmas, All Women’s Light is seen burning down on digital screens and on a specially built outdoor board in central Stockholm. In addition, the campaign includes podcast collaborations, audio, print and social media ads.

The agency said in a release: “During this project, we have seen incredible commitment and the idea of All Women’s Light has left no one unaffected. We thank everyone involved who made this initiative possible in various ways, says Karin Hamberg, Client Director at Familjen, in a comment.”


The candle can be purchased at All income goes directly to Alla Kvinnors Hus’ work against domestic violence.


Working group
Alla Kvinnors Hus
Ann Isaksson, Operations Manager
Emma Richardsson, Communicator

Nina Amjadi, CEO
Karin Hamberg, Hanna Ternström Client Director
Annika Elfving, Account Manager
Oskar Ferm, Art Director/Creative Lead
Lia Merkel, Copywriter/Creative Lead
Elin Eskilsson, Designer/Design Lead
Johan Helander, Creative Director
Johan Olsson, Graphic Designer
Anders Wikström, Final Art
Josefin Svensson, Philip Israelsson, Copywriter intern
Alexandra Karsberg, Micaela Gyllerström, Art Director intern
Henrik Berglund, Photographer
KJ Sanfer, Motion Designer
Filip Tomic, Paid Media Manager
Julia Cederblad, Paid Media Manager intern

Studio Mint (Production Company)
Karl Vestklev, Producer / Senior Retoucher
Anton Forsberg, Digital Artist

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