Making the Right Choices Through Education Highlighted by Bharat Learn Campaign in India

Havas Worldwide India has created a print campaign along with Bharat Learn to demonstrate how education can help people make the right choice in life. The posters highlight how education can influence the choices people make in their life –such as being a “thug” or a chef, a poacher or a soldier.

We like the work and love the cause, but unsure about the “nurse” poster. Is the choice to go into medical care or be a 70’s disco dance queen? Decisions, decisions.


Credits – Executive Creative Director: Navin Theeng. Chief Creative Officer: Nima D.T. Namchu. Senior Creative Director & Art Director: Gurdev Singh Sidhu. Copywriter: Nima D.T. Namchu. Illustrator: Twin Brains. Post production: Mahinder Singh Chauhan.

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