Chinese Underwear Brand’s Use of Nobel Prize Winner in Advertising is ‘Shameful’ he Says

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A Chinese underwear manufacturer has been accused by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Andre Geim of fabricating quotes and using his name and image to make exaggerated claims about the product benefits without his permission.

Geim jointly recieved the Nobel Prize for physics in 2010 for his work on the ultra-light material known as graphene.

Chinese-based Jinan Shengquan Group, which claims to use graphene to produce underwear, has been featuring images of Geim in its advertising to promote “graphene underwear”  as well as statements attributed to him such as, “this is a breakthrough, a miracle”, since 2015.


The advertisements, along with run of the mill underwear benefits, also claim that wearing the products will enlarge women’s breasts and give men better sexual performance.

Andre Geim

Geim told the South China Morning Post that he has never tried the products, given them any praise or authorized Jinan Shengquan Group to promote them.

“It’s absolutely shameful for them to use my name in their marketing campaign without my permission and, more importantly, attributing such false statements to me,” he said.


Geim said he met members of the company when attending a conference in Qingdao where it had a booth promoting its products.

“I was curious to see ‘graphene underwear’ and enquired what graphene could do to improve [the product],” he said.

The underwear makers Vice-president Bai Xingze told the Post in an email that Geim commented positively on the firm’s products when he visited their booth at the 2015 conference.

“Geim’s remarks indeed gave us considerable benefit in promoting our products at the time … we would like to extend our gratitude to him, but we have not used the opportunity to conduct any ill-purposed promotion,” he said.

Geim, however, said Bai’s claims are false.

“What the company said about me is absolutely untrue … I have never commented anything positive about the product, nor could I, in principle, because I am a scientist and need proof, not words. No scientific data was shown to me. ”

Read more at the SCMP.

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