Chinese Adaptations of Famous American Brand Logos

[su_heading size=”22″] From the creative minds of Niek van Wingerden and Stephen Wright comes an interesting reinterpret six famous Western logos into Chinese characters.[/su_heading]

According to designer Niek van Wingerden, “China is where every major brand wants to be right now, but western brands regularly fail to find continuity of their visual identity when reinterpreted to Chinese characters.”

Unlike Coca Cola, whose distinctive logo spans into non-latin script such as Arabic, Thai or Chinese, many western brands “shy away from reinterpreting their logo into Chinese for fear of diminishing their brand identity,” says van Windergerden. Even though they have Chinese names.

Along with Stephen Wright , they set out to reinterpret six famous Western logos into Chinese characters following the visual code of lines, curves, font style and color to maintain the distinctive look and feel of the original typography.
Have a look for yourself of some work featured on their Behance page

All logos were made using the official Chinese name (where available) or the closest phonetic transcription.
Walt Disney, view the original logo here
Intel, view the original logo here
Mars chocolate bar, view the original logo here
Sega, view the original logo here
Kit Kat, view the original logo here
The New York Times, view the original logo here

 Behind the Scenes
We started by creating a shortlist of typography-based logos. We excluded any logos containing distinctive iconography or emblems as we wanted our Chinese logos to be recognisable from the letterforms alone.
We analysed the individual letter forms highlighting distinguishing features such as ligature, swashes and flourishes.
Extracting shapes from the Latin typeface helped us piece together the Chinese characters without loosing the look and feel of the original font.
DISCLAIMER: This personal project may not reflect the views or plans of any of the above mentioned companies.