China’s Trippy, but Highly Effective Propaganda Primed to go Viral

Did you know we are on the verge of having the 13th of the Chinese government’s famed “5-Year Plans?” Probably not. And, other than the fact that you now know there is something called a “plan” happening every five years in China for the past 60 years, it’s likely still a bit vague.

From a branding perspective this is, of course, simply unacceptable to the Chinese Communist Party.

The remedy for bringing this message to the world of the unaware? Well, my mere description would be grossly inadequate. You have to watch this video, Tweeted today by China’s state-sponsored media, for yourself:


Ok, so now you know about the 5-Year Plan and the detrimental side effects of hallucinogenic cocktails.

While you’re no doubt shrugging your shoulders saying, “5-year plan? So what?”, keep in mind these 5-Year-Plans are a big deal in China.

It’s like the Olympics of government policy –that most wonderful time of the five years, when the state-controlled media trumpets the arrival of marching orders for 1.4 billion people and the folks that govern them.


So, why is the Chinese Communist Party’s media mouthpiece telling the English-speaking world about it through Twitter –which doesn’t even exist in China? And whose bright idea was this anyway?

For the moment, no one really knows.

There is a credit at the end of the video attributing the work to Fuxing Road Studio.

As tempting as it is to take a few moments to mispronounce the name “Fuxing”, I’ll just get right to it and tell you it is the same company that put together the pro-China video spot “When China met Carolina” which was released just before Xi Jinping visited the U.S. in September.

Stop whatever you’re doing and watch at least the first minute of this slick little piece of propaganda set in the heart of Dixie.

Fuxing Road Studio was also behind a propaganda video released in 2013 which, as Eric Crouch over at Tech in Asia so aptly put it, “explained China’s political system in the most complimentary way it’s ever been done.”

Crouch continues: “While no one has yet spotted any explicit links between Fuxing Road Studios and the Chinese government’s robust propaganda apparatus, it’s safe to say that the two are, at the very least, good friends.”

Well, we’ll have to see how this all shakes out and who is the true propaganda progenitor. For now, give it another spin and revel in the new face of the Chinese Communist Party –rebranded for the viral age.

And Here is the official tweet from China Xinhua News

Here is a video from CCTV talking about improvements in China –of which there are myriad to be sure. Though the one guy talking about now having “Square Dancing” is a benefit I didn’t expect to hear about. Nice.


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