China’s Tightly Run Media Mistakenly Calls Xi Jinping the “Last Leader”

If you’re going to make a typo, that’s fine, it happens, but you’re best not doing it when it involves the president of a county with one of the most tightly regulated media mechanisms in the world.

Over the weekend, China’s president Xi Jinping was once again the victim of a typo when he was accidentally labeled by Xinhua as “China’s last leader”.

Around an hour after the article was published Xinhua circulated a correction telling everyone who reposted the article to change the phrase to ‘China’s top leader’ –certainly a more preferred and optimistic way to refer to Xi.


Considering Xinhua is China’s largest state-run media agency, it’s especially embarrassing. Generally, all reports covering the Communist party go through rigorous editing before published.

No word if there will be any punishments handed down. In December, four journalists at the China News Service were suspended for mistakenly reporting Xi’s resignation in an article published during a five-day visit to Africa.

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