Slow Load Times a Problem for Brands in APAC Says Google Masters of Mobile Report

Conversions drop 20% for every second of delay in mobile page load time, according to the latest Masters of Mobile APAC report from Google and Accenture Interactive.

The research looked into mobile site performance across over 720 of the most-visited sites categorized by financial services, retail and commerce, and travel, covering 15 countries across the Asia-Pacific region.

The report found that all APAC countries have mobile site load times slower than the recommended 3 seconds. China has the fastest load times of the region at 5.4 seconds. Japan has the worst load times in the region at 10.3 seconds.


According to the report, the five mobile consumer journey touchpoints are findability, product pages, registration & conversion, mobile design, and speed. In the APAC region, mobile sites only meet best practice benchmarks for product pages and mobile design, while falling flat in the remaining three experience points.


The report insists that improving site speed can reflect on conversions instantly, recommending that webmasters lighten the load by compressing text and image elements, reducing server response time for high traffic loads, and remove browser requests for static images.


To improve the user experience (UX), the report recommends using autocomplete to suggest popular searches, allowing visitors to save products to a wishlist, highlight booking form requests in real time, provide guidance after unsuccessful product searches, present the benefits of creating an account, and correctly tag input boxes.



The report concludes by tasking digital business leaders to identify areas where customers typically drop off on their user journey and engage in user testing to understand common customer pain points within the five UX categories. By reading analytics reports, the report says that site owners will learn that great UX is never a one-off process.

Research by Accenture Interactive.


The report found that in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam, the reoccurring business in the top three performers in the retail and commerce vertical category was Amazon.

In the travel category, dominated in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan, with Expedia only ranking high in six markets.

Babar Khan Javed

Babar Khan Javed

Babar Khan Javed is a Correspondent for Branding In Asia.

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