Chimp&z Inc Awarded Digital Mandate for GRD – The Superior Protein

    The brand was first launched in 1988.

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Jan 29, 2021
    Chimp&z Inc Awarded Digital Mandate for GRD – The Superior Protein

    GRD- The Superior Protein from Zydus Nutriva, which is a division of Zydus Healthcare, awarded its digital and performance mandate to Chimp&z Inc. The scope of work for the full-service digital marketing agency includes social media management, performance marketing, and website handling.

    “From a fitness enthusiast, to mothers-to-be, to those with chronic conditions, to nutrition for children, GRD Protein has a varied consumer base,” said Tejprakash Mishra, GM- Sales & Marketing.

    “Thus, establishing a conversation with all of them through social media is a challenge that calls for clever communication solutions. Chimp&z Inc brings to the table just that! The agency understands our ambition for increasing awareness about the protein needs of the human body and stimulating the desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We look forward to building a meaningful and fruitful partnership with Chimp&z Inc.”

    Launched in 1988 from the house of Zydus Nutriva, GRD- The Superior Protein sells a range of protein powders and diskettes that aim to meet the protein requirements of fitness enthusiasts, children, adults, pregnant women, and diabetics.

    “GRD- The Superior Protein is a high potential brand in a densely competitive market and we plan to expand the brand’s reach in its target group through digital routes,” said Lavinn Rajpal, Co-founder & Managing Director, Chimp&z Inc.

    “We are aligned with the brand’s aspiration and the audience’s expectation and see this partnership as a great opportunity to launch some innovative and interacting conversations with its users and audience about a protein-rich lifestyle through creative solutions and campaigns.”


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