Chill Out and Take a Kit Kat Break

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    By Asia Ad Junkie - Jun 11, 2021
    Chill Out and Take a Kit Kat Break

    Kit Kat has launched a new brand campaign hammering home an important idea: chill out dude. The series of spots, created in collaboration Wunderman Thompson Australia, features iconic Aussie actor Michael Caton.

    Caton, who plays a wizard is paired up with Miritana Hughes, another magical fellow. The two constantly find themselves squabbling like proper old men, only to finally find peace when biting into a Kit Kat bar.

    From arguing over who is on mute (which is relatable as it brings back the horrific memories of Zoom meetings with our parents over the past 18 months), to bickering over who has the key, the campaign is endlessly fun and lighthearted.


    “We’ve all been through a great deal of stress in that past year and it’s fair to say that, collectively, we’ve never so desperately needed a break. Even Kit Kat had to borrow a bit of magic this time to help us release our everyday tensions and add a smile to our breaks,” said João Braga, chief creative officer of Wunderman Thompson Australia.

    The campaign is the latest from Kit Kat to dive into the wizardry world. In 2019 they launched the western world ‘Maps’ campaign and in 2017 the medieval ‘Katapult’ campaign.


    “We’re thrilled to share our new Kit Kat brand campaign, which spotlights frustrations people from all walks of life experience every day. Working with onscreen legend Michael Caton and the talented Miritana Hughes, we had a lot of fun creating a suite of assets that show how having a break together can bring perspective to even the most frustrating moments, bringing a bit of magic to your day,” Joyce Tan, head of marketing, confectionery, Nestlé.

    “We hope everyone can see a little bit of themselves in our campaign and are inspired to take more breaks, with the help of Kit Kat and a little magic!”

    The campaign launches Sunday across broadcast, digital and social, with the digital and social 6-second iterations of the campaign created in partnership with UM and Google, using Google Life Events to correlate digital executions with events in Australians lives.

    “Adopting personalisation at scale allowed us to build a campaign where we can speak to audiences at scale with personalised creative messages. Via Google’s wealth of life events and affinity audience targeting, we developed a strategy to test how personalised everyday frustration and life events creative messages married up with detailed targeting that can shift brand metrics,” said Angela Swayn, UM, Group Director.


    Agency: Wunderman Thompson
    CHief Creative Officer Australia: Joao Braga
    National Chief Strategy Officer: Angela Morris
    Senior Strategist: Carnelian Easton-Jones
    Associate Creative Director: Steven Hey
    Associate Creative Director: Simon Koay
    Partner: Ana Lynch
    Group Engagement Lead: Sheridan Turner
    Head of Production: Jackie Archer
    Editor (Social Edits): Luke Seer Brown
    Integrated Producer: Chloe Marshall

    Client: Nestle
    General Manager Confectionery: Chris O’Donnell
    Head of Marketing Confectionery: Joyce Tan
    Marketing Manager – Chocolate: Jenna Nakou
    Senior Brand Manager – KITKAT: Eileen Whitta

    Production Company: Revolver
    Director: Trevor Clarence
    Managing Director / Co-Owner: Michael Ritchie
    Executive Producer / Partner: Pip Smart
    Pproducer: Nicole Crozier
    DOP: Danny Ruhlmann
    Casting: Peta Einberg Casting
    Sound Design: Rumble
    Executive Producer: Michael Gie
    Sound Engineer: Tone Aston
    Composer: Jeremy Richmond
    Editors: The Editors
    Editor: Stuart Morley
    Producer: Grace Rouvray
    VFX: Vandal
    VFX Supervisor & CG Artist: Mick Watson
    Flame Artist: Richard Lambert
    Colourist: Billy Wychgel
    Producer: Laura Tenison
    Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith
    Production Assistant: Phillip Muzzal
    Media: UM
    Group Director: Angela Swayn
    Senior Client Director: Alice Duong
    Planning Manager: Blake Solomonson
    Partnerships Trader: Katie Jackson
    Partnerships Executive: Valentina Calpis

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