Chevrolet Launches Inaugural Brand Film for Black Bowtie in China

Chevrolet China and McCann Shanghai have partnered to launch the first brand video for the Chevrolet Black Bowtie since it entered the China market in 2005. Brought to life through an exploration of the visual impact of the colour “black”, the brand value of Chevrolet’s ‘born powerful’ “echoes the spirit of today’s Chinese youth who dare to break through and pursue their strong selves,” the brand said.

The three-minute video was shot in the style of a sci-fi blockbuster. Majestic scenarios—shown frame by frame, depict fundamentally “black” substances and how the colour black is assimilated into people’s everyday lives and aesthetic consciousness.

The copy in the film reads:


起初In the beginning
黑是一把炭Let black be coal
给文明最初的火种 Blazing a trail of civilization

黑是一锭铁Let black be iron
千锤百炼 无坚不摧Forging a mind of unstoppability

黑是一捧油Let black be oil
势不可挡 能量无穷Fueling attitude of invincibility


黑是一种动力Black is the passion
驱动科技向前Driving technology forward
是一种美学Black is the aesthetics
打破传统的桎梏Pushing boundaries beyond

黑是强者Black is the one
包容所有颜色Absorbing all other colors
黑是一切的终点Black is the destination for everything
也是全宇宙的起点As well the origin of the cosmos
黑不神秘 就是纯粹实力Black, no longer a mystery but absolute power
雪佛兰黑标Chevrolet Black Bowtie
天生强悍Born Powerful

“We looked at all the things that the colour black stands for, all the history and mythology,” said Yaho Yeh, executive creative director of McCann Shanghai’s Chevrolet team.

“From coal fires to black iron forged into tools by early settlers, to the oil that is the lifeblood of the industrial age, and to today’s era of science and technology, black is considered by many to be the most advanced and the purest aesthetic of human beings. Through different imagery, the goal was to convey that black itself is a symbol of innate power. This is encapsulated in the essence of the Chevrolet brand: Born Powerful.”.

Director Fu Binbin harnesses a myriad of visual surprises to bring the film to life. From the black calligraphy in traditional ink wash, to the breathtaking moment the women breaks through the glass. These sequences were designed to convey a palpable sense of power.

Chevrolet also built a series of Black Bowtie pop-up stores, in order to provide a more tangible brand experience.

The event team found a black carbon nanotechnology paint that absorbs more than 99.8% of the light that hits its surface, creating the ultimate black finish. This black paint was used to cover three huge geometric objects; a triangle, a cube, and a sphere— placed in the cities of Chengdu, Xi’an, and Changsha. These Chevrolet pop-up stores garnered attention and generated buzz on social media.

“The Black Bowtie series will play a vital part in this critical phase for Chevrolet’s brand upgrade. Through this campaign, we hope that the ‘born powerful’ message will strike a chord with young Chinese people’s pursuit of individuality, as well as to strengthen their recognition of Chevrolet, and for the brand essence of the Black Bowtie to resonate and carve a place in their lives,” said SAIC-GM Chevrolet brand director, Vincent Fang.