HeatTech Window Promotes Uniqlo’s Thermal Wear Via Cheil Worldwide South Korea

Cheil Worldwide South Korea has created a new spot for Uniqlo that not only promotes its heat-generating thermal wear, HeatTech, but actually keeps people warm. Last winter, Cheil launched the Heat Tech Window campaign to offer real warmth to consumers during the cold winter.

The Heat Tech Window uses bubble wrap, commonly used for packaging fragile items. Its layer of air-filled hemispheres blocks the heat conduction between indoor and outdoor, thus raising the room temperature.

Simply by attaching the Heat Tech Window, the temperature of the room rises by 2~3°C (3.6~5.4°F). This saves an average of 20% on heating costs).


Heat Tech Window

All the households and office windows which installed Heat Tech Windows turned into new advertising media for Uniqlo branding. This means Uniqlo gained 500,000 free out-of-home ads throughout the winter season.

Cheil also shared the campaign video on various social media to show how to install Heat Tech Window, and reached 30 million impressions within a month in a country with a population of about 50 million. As a result of the campaign, HeatTech sales recorded a year-on-year growth of 203%.

“We looked for an idea that can help consumers who had to worry about the cold and heating costs every winter. Based on our observation, Uniqlo HeatTech products and bubble wrap had similarities such as keeping the warmth and being convenient to use, so we created the Heat Tech Window,” said the creative team at Cheil Worldwide.


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