Check Out Samsung’s Funky New Notebook Exclusively for the South Korea Market

To the surprise of industry-watchers, Samsung has unexpectedly released the “Notebook Flash” which merges a retro design with high-speed wireless connectivity.

The 13.3-inch notebook sports a “retro keyboard” with keys that resemble those used on typewriters and a textured finish that looks quite snazzy.

Ok, “Retro Modern” seems a bit awkward a name, but it does look cool


For all its cool looks, the Notebook Flash comes with a rather standard resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels – that might be something they upgrade later on.

For those thinking they might want the new offering, which comes with Gigabit WiFi connectivity, Windows Hello’ facial recognition, and a fingerprint reader, the machine is, for now, only being released in the South Korea market, retailing for about US$715 – with options including Linen White, Twill Charcoal and Soft Coral finish.

As to whether it will make it into other markets remains to be seen.

Samsung has partnered with Korea Telecom (KT), South Korea’s largest telecom operator, which likely means buyers could get a substantial amount of high-speed mobile data and other benefits if purchasing through KT.


Here is the nicely-done campaign spot announcing the release. It looks pretty cool, and that price point ain’t too shabby.

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