Chauffeur Chef Releases a New Episode – ‘Meet The Legend Buakaw’

Chauffeur Chef has come out with a new episode “Meet The Legend Buakaw”. In the latest episode written and director Suthisak Sucharittanonta fuses MuayThai with Thai dishes and Chef Joe is back to touching the pan and spatula again. But this time, it’s in exchange for being kicked and punched!

Chauffeur Chef is an action-comedy semi-documentary limited TV series that takes viewers on a fun and exciting journey through the life of Chef Joe. A chef who closed down his restaurant and became a driver, but luck brought him back to his passion for cooking. However, this time, it comes at a price.

The series stars Indy Intad Leowrakwong and Buakaw Banchamek, the Muay Thai legend. Chauffeur Chef is written and directed by ad world legend Suthisak Sucharittanonta, with cinematography by Assada Sreshthaputra and produced by Triton Films Thailand.



Production Company : Triton
Writer/Director : Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Executive Producer : Thacksakorn Pradubpongsa
Producer : Penporn Vutthisomboon
Director of Photography : Assada Sreshthaputra
Assistant Director : Pacharaporn Hitanant
Production Designer : Rajadej na Nagara
Drone Operator : Ratthanawat Yanasarn
Stunt Coordinator : Thana Srisuke
Prop Master : Sirinut prabpinas
Food Stylist : Sarunyaphat Nopteepkungval / Porntip Pipatpallop
Production Manager : Panuson Sawat
Location Manager : Ratthanawat Yanasarn / Tanasit Thongpitakphong / Kantat Aphirachatanon
Editing Company : Foolhouse Production
Sound Production : Kantana Sound Studio
Post Production : Postini Studio Lab
Camera : Bigeye
Grip : Grip house
Lighting & Sound : Cineholic Studio


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