New Tech Allows Hearing Impaired Children in Korea to Communicate Using ‘Fogged Up’ Windows

Hyundai and Innocean have put together a wonderfully clever CSR campaign based on the insight that, for hearing-impaired students, the ride on the bus to school “is the most boring part of the day.”

This is especially true for those being bussed to special needs schools in some parts of South Korea, where the commute can be upwards of two hours back and forth each day.

Not only can kids write to each other while on the bus, they can also send doodles and messages to others though an app installed on the receiver’s smartphone.


“Most of the kids come to school by bus from afar,” said Yeon Samuel, a Chungju Sungshim teacher. “If the kids could communicate with each other, wouldn’t their commute be more exciting?”

The Solution

Remember when we were kids and we used to doodle on fogged up windows in the car or on the bus? What if we could turn that into a form of communication?

It’s from this creative concept that the “Chatty School Bus Project” was born.

Using Hyundai Motor Group’s ‘Sketchbook Window Technology’, which was developed based on the winning idea at the company’s R&D Idea Festival, the windows on a specially equipped bus convert “fogged up” windows into an actual messaging platform.


Not only can kids write to each other while on the bus, they can also send doodles and messages to others -such as their parents- though an app installed on a smartphone.

Brilliant. Nicely done.


Client: Hyundai
Agency: Innocean Worldwide, Korea
Production: Planit Production

Director: Dong-ha Kim
Creative Director: Jung-a Kim
Art Director: Nari Moon
Art Director: Jae-eun Kim
Art Director: Jiyon Rhim
Copywriter: Sung Hun Moon
Copywriter: Min Hea Kim
Producer: Bae Sung Kim

Developers: Hyedong Ro, Sunhwa Hwang, Sungwoo Kim, Jinjae Lee
Group Account Director: Jong Pil Kim
Senior Account Director: Jung Whan Kim
Manager AE: Zu Yung Pre
AE: Yoon Hee Kim, You Lee Choe, Ji Hye Bae

Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill

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