Channel V India’s Brand Promise: ‘The Shallowest Place on TV’

Talk about brand authenticity. BBH India has released its latest work for Channel V India that positions the channel as the “Channel V. The Shallowest Place on TV”. This in line with Channel V’s mission to show only good looking music videos with minimal graphics.

Nicely done –love the irreverence.


Russell Barrett, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer at BBH India, said: “Channel V said they were going back to their fairly irreverent roots. They were going back to being a music channel, but a music channel with a point of view. They would only play great looking videos. Have a great song but a shitty video? So sorry try the next channel please. We all thought that was such a refreshing thing to say. The creative team, Sapna and Yohan pushed that promise a little laterally and came up with ‘The shallowest place on TV’. That is such a rich, extendable thought and now we only had one more thing to do; have a blast cracking ideas. We wanted people to say damn, did they just say that? There aren’t many brands in the world that can do that, but Channel V can.”

CCO and Managing Partner – Russell Barrett
Managing Director – Arvind Krishnan
Creative Director – Sapna Ahluwalia
Copywriters – Yohan Daver, Sean De Jervis Sequeira
Art Directors – Sapna Ahluwalia, Rebecca Daniel
Head of Production – Khvafar Vakharia
Executive Producer – Reema Asrani
Sr. Business Partner – Rajat Pandey
Business Partner – Nabanita Chatterjee
Director – Piyush Raghani (Like Minded People)
DOP – Tanay Satam
Executive Producer – Ruchi Shah

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