Celio Celebrates ‘Normal Men’ in ‘Seen on the Street’ Campaign

Image via Celio

Celio, a men’s ready-to-wear brand in France, has again decided to celebrate ‘normal men’ with a brand new campaign. And this time, the brand didn’t even have to travel far to find where they really are: on the streets of France.

For over two years, Celio has been celebrating normal life. Men who don’t care about fashion and trends, who don’t want to be influencers or models, who simply want to feel comfortable in their lives and clothes. They fit comfortably in their shoes and are proud of it.

In its new campaign via Buzzman, Celio has once again chosen to celebrate all those anonymous, regular everyday people.


Because the images of these normal men on the streets wearing Celio already existed. In medium-sized cities like Melun or Roye, in the center of Paris, in a business district in Lille, on a village square in the south of France or at a bus stop in the countryside…

The campaign can be seen on 8,000 billboards nationwide from November 15, as well as on social networks.


All images via Celio



CEO Sébastien Bismuth
Head of Brand David Hermelin
Business Action Plans Manager Vikie Kraak
Brand Coordinator Tristan Besnard
Communication and Partnerships Manager Matthieu Saglio
Producer Maelig Abjean


President and Executive Creative Director Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice–President Thomas Granger
Managing Director Julien Levilain
Creative Directors Patrice Lucet & David Derouet
Art Directors Thibault Picot & Yvonnick Le Bruchec
Copywriters Thibault Picot & Yvonnick Le Bruchec
Art Director Assistant Pierre-Marie Hascoet
Head of Account Sofiane Ouaddah
Account Manager Alexane Chauvin & Margaux Bosque
Head of Strategic Planning Clément Scherrer
Senior Strategic Planning Alexandre Honoré
Head of Social Media Pierre Guengant
Head of PR & Communication Paul Renaudineau
PR & Communication Manager Marie Smid
Head of Production Vanessa Barbel
Print Production Assya Mediouni & Charlotte Chadeau & Romain Chassaing
Head of Motion Théo Berdrin


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