Following Merger CelcomDigi Launches Dynamic New Brand Identity Via Design Bridge and Partners

The blue from Celcom reflected trust and credibility while the yellow from Digi was associated with energy and innovation.




Design Bridge and Partners

CelcomDigi Berhad, formed through the merger of two Malaysian telco giants – Celcom and Digi – has announced the launch of its new corporate identity, complete with a new sonic logo. The brand’s vision is to be the nation’s top telco-tech company, bringing together 60 years of combined experience, 4000 industry experts and 20 million customers with one shared spirit: to create a world inspired by its customers, partners and people.

Design Bridge and Partners created a dynamic visual and sonic identity that leverages algorithmic design to inject excitement and reflect the brand’s new ambitions, without losing the essence of the original entities.

“Successful M&A’s can increase value or accelerate growth of a business – allowing a company to grow at a rate that would not be possible through organic growth. However, merging these two iconic brands was an interesting challenge,” said Cecylia Grendowicz, Strategy Director at Design Bridge and Partners Hong Kong.


“How can we preserve the much-loved personality and equity of both brands to show continuity, while also creating some excitement, setting a bold future vision and demonstrating new value to the market? We collaborated closely with the team at CelcomDigi to create a dynamic and optimistic brand spirit and identity that feels familiar, yet forward-thinking at the same time. Demonstrating to Malaysia that in this case, 1 + 1 = 3.

Prior to the merger, the two companies each possessed a unique brand identity and were two of the most loved brands in Malaysia. The blue from Celcom reflected the trust and credibility of its parent group Axiata, with its purpose of ‘Advancing Asia’, while the yellow from Digi was associated with energy and innovation – underlined by its well-known tagline ‘Let’s inspire’.

CelcomDigi now share one goal – to reimagine every day for Malaysians by bringing together the best of both companies. The brand identity therefore needed to reflect both sides – through the use of blue and yellow – while injecting a sense of dynamism, innovation and inspiration. The brand launched with a key visual of a world made up of particles symbolising every customer, employee and partner in the CelcomDigi network, coming together to create – underlined by the tagline ‘Creating a world inspired by you’.  Meanwhile the logomark, unveiled in October, symbolises a bold new chapter of transformation.


The outcome is an identity that demonstrates the evolution the two brands have been through, infusing new life and energy into the solutions they provide to Malaysians.

Generative design, using an algorithmic tool, was used to create distinctive brand assets that symbolise the brand’s belief in infinite and ever-evolving possibilities. With the particles moving together, the movement represents a bright future for Malaysia, where no one is left behind as the nation advances.

“Generative design plays a key role in crafting a unified yet flexible brand expression. It involves the curation and generation of multiple design expressions and assets, based on a set of parameters that can be iterated and expanded over time. It’s a tool that really pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation and helps us to produce dynamic, ever-evolving yet consistent visual assets that truly embody the essence of the brand. This approach ensures that our clients consistently maintain a fresh, relevant and distinctive presence in the minds of their audiences,” said Grendowicz.

“We collaborated closely with the team at CelcomDigi to create a dynamic and optimistic brand spirit and identity that feels familiar, yet forward-thinking at the same time.”

A sonic logo was also created to strengthen brand recognition and connection with consumers. Developed in collaboration with Two AM Music, it features a four-note melodic motif that can be adapted into all shapes and sizes, allowing the brand’s identity to be carried across a variety of audio assets. The melody is crafted with a pitch contour that mimics the natural inflection of the word “CelcomDigi”, organically sparking the brand name in the mind of listeners.


Design Director: Gianluca Crudele
Designer: Emily Tse
Strategy Director: Cecylia Grendowicz
Client Director: Claudia Li
Senior Client Manager: Eugenia Chui

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