Cathay Pacific to Offer its Own Craft Beer Brand on Flights from Hong Kong to the UK

Starting March 1st, Cathay Pacific will be serving its own craft beer to first and business class passengers on flights between Hong Kong and the UK.  Dubbed “Betsy”, the beer has been specially brewed for drinking at high altitudes, said Cathay Pacific.

Apparently, taste perception is altered at high altitudes and Betsy is created to reduce bitterness and enhance sweetness to compensate.

“We all know that food tastes very different while in the air, primarily because of the cabin pressure and the dullness of your taste buds affects the way you taste your food,” said Aaron Claxton, head of catering.


“When it comes to drink and beverages, we do a lot of work on how we pair our wines with the food we offer. That has been beyond the realms of possibility when it comes to beers – there is no way you can take a product that is brewed on the ground for consumption and actually match it in the air.”

“We know that when you fly, your sense of taste changes,” said Martin Lever, executive creative director of McCann Worldgroup Hong Kong.

“Airlines address this for food in certain ways. But nobody has ever tried to improve the taste of beer at altitude. Until now. This provided us with a perfect opportunity to go beyond traditional advertising in order to make a strong emotional connection with travelers.”

The specially crafted beer, which was named after Betsy, Cathay Pacific’s first Douglas DC-3 aircraft that flew during the 1940s and ’50s.


Here is a video explaining the beer in detail.

“To help passengers experience something memorable for the first time is a big part of what we mean by ‘travelling well’. Betsy beer is a great example of this,” said Julian Lyden, general manager, marketing at Cathay Pacific Airways. A beautifully crafted product designed purely with the traveler, and beer lover, in mind.”

Betsy beer will additionally be available at select restaurants in Hong Kong, including Mr. and Mrs. Fox, Cafe Gray Deluxe, Plat du Jour, Public, Sugar and The Continental.


McCann Worldgroup – Cathay Pacific Central Team
Brandon Cheung, Managing Partner
Martin Lever, Executive Creative Director
Guilherme Pecego, Creative Director
Dan Jacques, Associate Creative Director
Daniel Cheong, Senior Art Director
Wong Wai Ping, Art Director
Mok Ngo, Art Director
Adrienne Andaya, Art Director
Aneeza Arshad, Junior Art Director
George Cheung, Visualiser
Juvenia Poon, Senior Chinese Copywriter
Yvonne Cheng, Junior Chinese Copywriter
Jules O’Brien, English Copywriter
Kwoksum Pun, Senior Developer MRM/McCann Hong Kong

Business Planning & Management Team
Julia Broughton, Group Account Director
Julian Egli, Account Manager
Leo Pang, Senior Account Executive

Channel Planning Team
Prashant Galani, Digital Manager

Operations Team
Kat Pau, Creative Services Manager
Doris Law, Project Executive
Charlotte Tse, Assistant Digital Producer
Christopher Chiu, Studio Manager

Weber Shandwick – Hong Kong
Eugenia Chow, Senior Vice President
Maggie Tang, Vice President
Cindy Leung, Senior Consultant
Shanice Wong, Senior Consultant
Claudia Chan, Account Coordinator


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