Cathay Launches Global Campaign ‘Feels Good To Move’

Created by Publicis Groupe Hong Kong, the campaign aims to make you want to move.




Leo Burnett Hong Kong

Cathay has launched its first global campaign in three years as “a celebration of humanity’s innate urge to move, starting from our very first heartbeat,” says the brand. Called ‘Feels Good To Move’, every piece of content was created as an irresistible call to get moving.

Created by Publicis Groupe Hong Kong, ‘Feels Good To Move’ consists of a diverse content system where each touchpoint is fuelled by energetic and playful observations about how much we humans love moving – this very fact is the reason for being for the entire travel lifestyle industry globally. It kicks off with a film that explores how good it feels to move in all situations in life, big and small, set to a cover of Junior Senior’s classic track ‘Move Your Feet’ and directed by Pierre Dupaquier (We Are From LA).

“‘Feels Good To Move’ goes straight to the heart of why Cathay exists as a premium travel lifestyle brand – a brand that aims to enable us to live the premium travel lifestyle, every day,” said Edward Bell, General Manager of Brand, Insights, Marketing at Cathay.


“Since our beginnings, Cathay has always been about forward progress. Restlessness is in our DNA. This campaign is a celebration of how good it feels to move.”

Natalie Lam, Chief Creative Officer at Publicis Groupe APAC, adds: “We’re all born with a restless urge to move, never truly staying still even if we’re supposed to. Rolling around in our mother’s belly, restlessly waiting for class to be over, those moments where it feels good to shake a little in a yoga class, just because staying completely still is against human instincts.


Thinking about the next move in life, or dreaming of the next trip, when you’re still enjoying the current one… This urge to move is exactly why we travel, how we make progress, and why a world-class brand like Cathay exists in the first place, and keeps progressing — to facilitate humanity’s urge to move forward.

“This global brand campaign is an amazing opportunity to defy the category clichés of beautiful destinations and travelers, and look back into the very reason why humans want to move — simply because it feels good. We are very excited to bring a new way of looking at airline creativity together with our brave clients at Cathay.”

Cathay will soon invite people to capture big and small #FeelsGoodToMove moments in Hong Kong, a city that never stops moving. The most beautiful moments (and movements) will be broadcast on the streets of Hong Kong and across Cathay’s social channels.

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Client: Cathay
General Manager, Brand, Insights and Marketing Communications, Cathay: Edward Bell
Head of Marketing Communications, Cathay: Vivian Chan
Marketing Manager, Global, Cathay: Anthony Wu
Marketing Manager, HK, Cathay: Ricardo Lo
Assistant Marketing Manager, Global, Cathay: Maria Ng
Assistant Marketing Manager, Global, Cathay: Fanny Chan

Agency: Leo Burnett Hong Kong
Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Groupe APAC: Natalie Lam
Head of Creative Excellence Publicis Groupe APAC: Jason Williams
Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett HK: Christopher Lee
Group Creative Director, Leo Burnett HK: Halo Cheng
Creative Director, Leo Burnett HK: Huey Wong
Creative Director, Leo Burnett HK: Miriam Yip
Head of Art, Leo Burnett HK: Marcin Brzezinski
Strategy Director, Leo Burnett HK: Garron Chiu
Managing Partner, Leo Burnett HK: Dennis Yeung
Business Director, Leo Burnett HK: Kenneth Poon
Associate Account Director, Leo Burnett HK: Holie Ko
Account Manager, Leo Burnett HK: Bella Yiu
Senior Account Executive, Leo Burnett HK: Tiffany Sit
Senior Account Executive, Leo Burnett HK: Gertie Tsang
AV Editor, Leo Burnett HK: Belqis Hamid

Producer: Armelle Sudron, Prodigious
Production House: Iconoclast
Director: Pierre Dupaquier (We are from LA)
Photographer: Louis De Caunes
Production Service (Marseille): Shoot in Mars
Production Service (Hong Kong): The Kitchen

Music Track: Move your feet
Author/Composer: Jesper Mortensen
Publisher: EMI Music Publishing
Music Production: Prodigious France x BMM Network
Performers: ART FELT (producer), Dayeaux (singer)
Sound producer / Editing: Christophe Caurret, Creative Director/Head of Music PUBLICIS and Prodigious France; Carsten Krueger, Music Producer, Prodigious France


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