Dragonair Completes Rebranding to Cathay Dragon Airline

Following a comprehensive overhaul of the brand system starting with brand strategy, visual identity, livery and airport signage, branding and design firm Eight Partnership has overseen the launch of Cathay Dragon airline –previously known as Dragonair.

The rebrand of Cathay Pacific’s regional carrier includes redesign of inflight items such as crew uniform accessories, snack packaging, menus, destination postcards and playing cards.



“In preparing for the launch, our teams across multiple departments worked closely with Eight to identify and design the brand touchpoints that would resonate with passengers and staff,” said Cathay Pacific manager for Brand, Ruaraidh Smeaton.

Passengers of Cathay Dragon will notice the use of the iconic brushwing on uniform accessories of both cockpit and cabin crew as well as contemporary Chinese accents during the inflight dining experience.

While Cathay Pacific’s regional arm Dragonair is being rebranded as Cathay Dragon, the junior airline’s lounges will adopt the parent Cathay Pacific brand.

“It has been a tremendous effort to prepare all the materials for an overnight switch from old brand to new,” says Jonathan Magee, Group Account Director at Eight. “It has been exciting to work alongside so many talented people at Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon to bring the new brand to life.”


Eight also designed a suite of communications items aimed at the staff of Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific –including large-scale display items at both Cathay City and Cathay Dragon House, as well as a short film that introduces the airline group.


Rebrand Features

Here is a release detailing the changes.

Our New Logo

To create a seamless brand experience for our passengers, it is important to establish a clear link between our two airlines. By using the Cathay name and iconic brushwing logo, we can show their relationship and premium service in a clear and simple way.

The distinctive red of Dragonair is retained, but with a slightly deeper and richer tone.

Our New Livery

The livery was redesigned to align Cathay Dragon more closely with Cathay Pacific. Visual signals, such as the use of the brushwing on the tails of both fleets, express the partnership and shared brand values between the two airlines. It celebrates our heritage and at the same time, looks towards the future with a timeless, yet contemporary, elegance.


The Chinese dragon emblem is well-known throughout the region and we wanted to retain this icon in the redesign. We have subtly updated the image, adding a slight colour gradient to the dragon’s back and simplifying some of the details. It will feature on the nose of every aircraft.

Contemporary Chinese: The Design Philosophy

We are deeply proud of our heritage in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and keeping this spirit is important. This will be reflected in Cathay Dragon’s approach to contemporary Chinese elements in its design philosophy.

Cathay Dragon will continue to draw inspiration from the designs and tastes that represent modern Chinese creativity. The process encompasses both physical design as well as on-going refinement of service offerings as a whole.


Brand Experience

Moving between Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific will feel familiar yet fresh across all aspects of the passenger journey.

Both airlines will offer a premium in-flight experience, but each will have its own distinct personality that reflects the specific needs of our passengers. In-flight meals, for example, will continue Dragonair’s tradition of providing the best of Chinese and Hong Kong cuisine.

Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific. One seamless brand experience that truly enables a Life Well Travelled.


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