Cat Street View: A Unique Campaign by the Hiroshima Tourism Board

Onomichi City, on the coast of Japan’s Hiroshima prefecture, is well known for its mazes of alleys and its famous occupants –thousands of stray cats.

Making use of their unique attraction, the prefecture tourism board created a unique campaign by first attaching cameras to some of the cats and filming their every move.

We’re not sure how the cats felt about that, but through their valiant sacrifice, we now have a very cool interactive map.


The “Cat Street View” interactive map shows allows you to virtually explore parts of the city of Onomichi. It was designed using Google’s Street View as a guide, so the controls are similar and quite easy to use –though currently available only in Japanese.

Regardless of your language skills, you can take it for a spin anyway.

The map not only shows local shops and landmarks, but also highlights the usual hangouts for some of the city’s most beloved cats, who you are encouraged to pay a visit to.

Try the map for yourself

(To cut the volume click on the bottom right icon)


Here is the wonderfully subtle campaign spot that was put together to promote the concept.

For more info, visit the official website.

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