Campaign Case Study: Innored’s ‘Catch! Enjoy Air Down’ for The North Face Korea

The North Face has maintained its position as the market leader in the outdoor down category by highlighting the “exploration” of consumers in their daily life. Building on this momentum and, as a follow up to last year’s highly-successful ‘Super Air Down’ campaign which helped lead sales in the long down category, Seoul-based creative agency Innored launched the ‘Catch! Enjoy Air Down’ campaign to emphasize the lightness of the jacket while also expanding awareness of the brand’s collection of downs.

Campaign Concept

‘Catch! Enjoy Air Down’

The North Face wanted to highlight the unique experience of the ‘lightness’ of Enjoy Air Down that sets it apart from other brands by casting a spotlight on the jacket’s features in a fun and unusual way.

The campaign focused on ‘AIR’ among the numerous other elements that are associated with ‘lightness’ and presented ‘Downs that are lifted by air’ to convey this concept in a dramatic fashion.


To do this, Innored created a unique hands-on experience for consumers to try “Enjoy Air Down” at The North Face in Seoul. Visitors to the specially-constructed store were led out into a large outdoor exploration zone with ten large openings in the floor that resembled the iconic arcade game Whac-A-Mole.

When store patrons agreed to “Enjoy Air Down with Your Exploration”, an Air Down jacket suddenly popped up from one of the holes and hovered in mid-air.

People were given 60 seconds to try to grab the jacket before it dropped back in the hole. If they missed, then another popped up, suspended in mid-air, from one of the ten holes. And so on and so on, with users frantically trying to grab the jacket before it disappeared back down the hole.


The result is a fun-filled 60-seconds of people running, jumping, and rolling around trying to catch the down jacket as it floated in the air.

With this unique consumer experience, The North Face was able to convey both ‘the joy of exploring’ and the ‘lightness’ of the product in a fun and very entertaining way.

Campaign Results

The ‘Catch! Enjoy Air Down’ campaign film, which was posted on YouTube and Instagram, turned out to be a remarkable success, piquing viewer curiosity about the lightness of the jacket as it almost magically floated above the holes. So much so, that viewers wanted to visit the specially-constructed store to experience it for themselves.

Along with creating a unique differentiation point from its competitors, The North Face also solidified its position as the market leader, earning first place in the outdoor clothing section of the National Customer Satisfaction Index for the sixth straight year.

Through this campaign, The North Face and Innored delivered a unique consumer experience for people looking for something fun and out of the ordinary as a break from the daily grind.

Campaign Profile

Campaign Title: [The North Face Korea] CATCH! ENJOY AIR DOWN
Campaign Opening Date: 2019-11-15
Brand: The North Face Korea
Client: The North Face Korea

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