Carousell Updates Brand Identity Across Asia via Superunion

    By Harold Henry - Aug 20, 2019
    Carousell Updates Brand Identity Across Asia via Superunion

    E-commerce platform Carousell has completed an identity refresh that includes a revamped logo, brand positioning and visual identity. The update was developed by creative brand agency, Superunion and is being rolled out across Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia in the coming weeks, beginning with app changes, as well as a brand campaign which will launch in September.

    “Working on the Carousell rebranding project has been very exciting for us,” said Ambrish Chaundry, Managing Strategy Director Asia. “As they build momentum around regional expansion and widen their offering, it’s a perfect time to remind the world what makes Carousell special.”

    The new look includes and updated symbol mark that “maintains the original inspiration of the Carousell name and logo, the Kodak carousel, alluding to the cyclical nature of items going round and round.”

    The Carousell platform itself has also been updated to be in line with the visual identity, the brand said, simplifying the user interface and marketing communications to focus on Carousellers’ items and stories.



    Scott Lambert, Creative Director – Superunion
    Pete Tong, Designer – Superunion
    Danley Stone, Client Director – Superunion
    Charlotte Cheong, Client Executive – Superunion
    Ambrish Chaudhry, Managing Strategy Director – Superunion
    Sherman Chia, Senior Designer – Superunion
    Cassandra Leong, Brand Marketing Lead – Carousell
    Jem Seow, Senior Brand Marketing Specialist – Carousell
    Davina Tjandra, Creative Design Lead – Carousell
    Quek Siu Rui, Founder – Carousell
    Marcus Tan, Founder – Carousell
    Lucas Ngoo, Founder – Carousell


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