CareerOne’s New Campaign Takes the Hassle Out of the Job Hunt

    By The Staff - Jul 19, 2021
    CareerOne’s New Campaign Takes the Hassle Out of the Job Hunt

    CareerOne has launched a new musical campaign in collaboration with Hardhat aiming to highlight the platform’s simplistic job hunt features.

    The brand’s AI-powered algorithm is built to help job seekers and the campaign comes as the job market begins to expand again following a pandemic-driven year and a half.

    “More than a job listing site, we wanted to position CareerOne as a job-finding one. Simple, memorable and ownable, ‘CareerOne Job done’ celebrates that feeling of finding the right job,” said Glenn Dalton, executive creative director at Hardhat.


    The through-the-line campaign has seen two TVCs, out of home and radio commence roll out over the weekend.

    ‘We’re excited to share a campaign that comes at a time where people feel like their job search efforts are being wasted, often sending dozens of resumes to receive no response. CareerOne is on a mission to help Australians find the perfect ‘right now’ job or dream career,” said Garen Azoyan, executive chairman of CareerOne.



    Client: CareerOne
    Garen Azoyan, Executive Chairman
    Moussa Namini, Chief Operating Officer

    Creative Agency: Hardhat
    Executive Creative Director: Glenn Dalton
    Managing Director: Justin Kabbani
    Senior Creative: Jonathan Heath
    Senior Account Director: Haley Kriksic
    Strategy Director: Lani Cush
    Head of Production: Char Wren
    Design: Reece Ryan, Zane Flynn
    Copywriter: Molly Robertson

    Production Co: Sherpa
    Director: Grantley Smith
    Executive Producer: Natalie Taylor
    Producer: Harrison Robbins
    DOP: Simon Walsh

    Sound Engineer: Paul Le Couteur
    Executive Creative Producer: Karla Henwood
    Producer: Alice Vanderwey

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