Careem hires MWM Studioz for Driver Acquisition in Pakistan

Careem has appointed MWM Studioz, a conversion marketing agency, to execute its driver acquisition campaign in Pakistan.

The transportation network has signed off on a performance marketing campaign in Q4 2018 that utilizes a custom-built Facebook Messenger chatbot. The latter part, developed by MWM Studioz, proactively & reactively speaks to prospective “captains” – the terms Careem uses for drivers – gathering information for qualifying them as customer-fit.

“The Facebook messenger bot saves captains a lot of time as they cannot only get resolutions for all of their support but we also allow captains to register on our platform from the comfort of their phone,” said Asad Khan, general manager of Careem. “The bot has only been running effectively for over a couple of weeks now and has already managed to educated thousands of potential captain.”


Speaking exclusively to Branding In Asia, Khan shared that the bot created by MWM Studioz has allowed the Karachi supply team at Careem wanted to scale their digital channel to provide captains with an avenue to get resolutions of their support and acquisition tickets online.

“MWM Studioz were able to provide us with an acquisition-driven approach rather than an impression-driven approach which every other agency was keen on selling – being a startup every dollar we spend has to be justified and MWM Studioz was offering us such a solution,” said Khan.

The internet-based ride-hailing model has been ripe with controversies in Pakistan, with most PR disasters coming from poorly vetted drivers that have harassed both male and female passengers or made them uncomfortable. Despite its vast vetting process, including involving the police, Careem has been unable to entirely avoid controversies.


“Every captain has to undergo digital extensive digital training before his ID is created,” said Khan. “Apart from that, we have a mechanism in place which ensures a check is captains are vetted through a complete background check.”

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