‘Carbon Cakes’ – Fujitsu’s Public Awareness Campaign About Pollution

Image: Fujitsu

Fujitsu, in collaboration with R/GA Japan has launched a new awareness campaign that puts forth a provocative question from the onset:

“A black, dirty, misshapen cake with CO2 and PM2.5 in it is in front of you. You’re offered a piece. Do you accept it?”

Meet “Carbon Cakes,”  which Fujitsu describes as physical representations of the impact our actions have on the air we breathe. The set of cakes was created to visualize air quality while delving into the quest for balance.


They were then laid out for an evening where the brand presented a collection of polluted cakes to “help us visualize the impact of our actions on the quality of our air.”

The campaign, done with renowned pastry chef Asako Iwayanagi, leveraged Fujitsu’s technology to create a collection of cakes made with the same amount of pollution people, and the planet, take in daily.


According to the campaign website “The ingredients in the cake reflect levels of CO2 and PM2.5 from environmental data gathered through simulations, showcasing the balance between environmental, social, and economic factors on a radar chart.”

You can learn more here.


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