Car4Cash and Uncle Khom Take Us for One Long Crazy Trip

    We assure you, it makes sense. Sort of.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Apr 6, 2021
    Car4Cash and Uncle Khom Take Us for One Long Crazy Trip

    Car4Cash has launched a new campaign featuring Thai comedian Uncle Khom in collaboration with TBWA/Thailand.

    The eight + minute spot (yes, you read that right, it’s actually almost nine!) features an inconsolable hairdresser, a talking lizard turned human-sized talking lizard, magic motorbikes, reincarnation, and more.

    For starters, “Come Back” is based on a few different Thai beliefs. First, when someone passes away with troubling thoughts, they can’t be reincarnated. Second, when jing joks or house lizards show up, something bad will happen.

    So, now that we’ve got all the background information out of the way (or most of it, who knows, it’s nine minutes long), let’s dive in.

    Auntie Sri, is down on her luck. She’s not making any money, so she speaks to a photo of her now gone, but always beloved P’Mate. Weeping, she utters the beautiful and poetic words, “For so many years I’ve never asked anything from you. But can I just get some good lottery numbers, please?”

    That’s what we call a tone-setter.

    P’Mate appears as a lizard and lets his own dearly beloved know that he can’t be reborn because he’s worried about her. He then of course rises from lizard-lizard size to human-lizard size before he takes her on an adventure to find her cash.

    Eventually, he’s achieved what he needs to be reborn, but of course not before letting us know how long this spot actually is. “I’m about to be reborn and this car breaks down. This damn video’s so long. Who’s actually going to watch this?”

    Now, we’re not going to spoil the rest of this video, because you really should watch it, but we can assure you it is (at some point) about Cars4Cash and it will make you laugh.


    Chief Creative Officer – Veradis Vinyaratn
    Executive Creative Director – Rattapol Rewsakul
    Creative Director – Parinya Sarasung
    Creative Group Head – Paramed Pootarapan
    Art Director – Chonnikarn Phuangphae
    Art Director – Nonnarit Vesinpathwuch
    Copywriter – Paramed Pootarapan
    Associate Digital Planning Director – Tanyalux Chuencharoensuk
    Digital Strategic Planner – Khemana Promraksa
    Business Director – Attapat Pothinam
    Associate Account Mananement Director – Mananya Purinan
    Account Manager – Ausanee Kunapilukkul
    Producer – Weerawit Thitimethapirom

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