Canva Launches Funny Campaign Film in Japan Starring Takeshi Kitano and Gekidan Hitori

“Even I can use Aye.” – “Do you mean AI?”






AOI Pro.

Canva has launched a new campaign via UltraSuperNew Tokyo that highlights how anyone can create impressive visual work without extensive design education. According to the brand, there’s only one problem: people find it hard to believe that those with no prior design experience can make great designs.

The ‘Make it Unbelievable’ campaign features a funny two-minute gangster-themed film starring Takeshi Kitano and Gekidan Hitori.

While riding in the back of a chauffeur-driven car, Kitano shows Hitori a presentation he created on Canva for his new venture – a swimming school for dogs. Hitori doesn’t believe Kitano actually made it himself and tells him so. Things go sideways from there.


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“It probably would not occur to anyone to doubt anything Takeshi Kitano says, ever… But for this campaign, we needed someone to do just that, and Gekidan Hitori took one for the team,” said Francois Claverie, Group Creative Director.

“We and our lawyers are just happy that he remained unharmed.”



‘Make It Unbelievable’ is running on national Japanese TV, YouTube and  Social Media channels. Media is handled by IREP Co., Ltd.


Advertiser: Canva
Andre Pinantoan, Marketing, International Marketing & Growth
Kagan Sen, Country Manager, Japan
Carol Wu, Operation Lead, Japan
Atsushi Takahashi, Head of Brand Marketing, Japan
Ema Tanaka, Growth Lead, Japan
Shunta Sasaki, Content and Field Marketing Lead, Japan

Agency: UltraSuperNew Tokyo
Francois Claverie, Group Creative Director
Andres Aguilar, Creative Director
Oguzcan Kaganoguzbeyoglu, Associate Creative Director
Noga, Copywriter
Belle Sim, Graphic Designer
Tran Hoai Anh, Junior Creative
William Matsuda, Creative Intern
Tomokazu Murakami, Representative Director
Haruna McWilliams, Head of Strategy
Yumi Esposito-Pueblo, Group Account Director
Yuko Nakamura, Senior Account Manager
Asumi Yamayoshi, Account Manager
Hikaru Yano, Account Manager
Daiki Shimizu, Producer
Alex Schmidt, Assistant Producer
Alexander Tatsuki Watanabe, Producer
Special Thanks: Tetsuya Utsumi, Jinshi Itomi, Haruna Akashi, Tomoyoshi Takahashi

Production Company: Aoi Pro.
Maho Ikeda, Takayuki Inase, Brian Ota (AOI Pro.): Producer
Haruka Ono (AOI Pro.) : Production Manager
Ryo Ota, Ryohei Kumamoto : Director
Shigeto Kunii: DP
Junki Shigeta: 1st Assistant Camera
Hirohumi Toba : Gaffer
Kiyomi Miyashita: Lead Electric
Aya Sato: Production Designer
Kentaro Fujikawa : Location Manager,ltd: Camera Car
Takanobu Tsushima (T-and inc.) : Offline Editor
Hidenori Tanaka (IMAGICA Lab. Inc.): Online Editor
Naotaka Takahashi (L’ESPACE VISION CO.,LTD) : Colorist
Setsu Fukushima, Shinichiro Kodama (Ongakushitsu Inc.) : Music
Joji Kita (IMAGICA Lab. Inc.) : Sound Recordist / Sound Mixer
Toru Nakano (IMAGICA Lab. Inc.) : Sound Mixier
Akihito Narita : Sound Effect
Kazuhiro Yamaryo, Akinori Oshidari, Saori Teshima (HandY): Casting Director


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