Canon’s ‘Good Shutter’ Campaign in Korea Focuses on Photo Etiquette

Koreans enjoy using the full array of available equipment for their recreational activities. Even when hiking a mountain in the neighborhood, they are equipped like Himalayan climbers ready to take on the world’s highest peak. (For that matter, actually, older Koreans wear hiking gear just about everywhere).

It’s the same with Korean cyclists. Riders pedal around town looking like professional riders with tights that reveal more than I really want to see.

In short, you could say, Koreans can be intense.


In pursuit of the perfect selfie!

And so it follows that with photography, even for the hobbyist, it is taken as a serious pursuit and all who get in the way be warned! 

With all of this in mind, once can see why Canon came up with an etiquette campaign called “Good Shutter”. The campaign, which is being shown on subway video screens like a PSA and on the Canon website does more than simply try to sell cameras.

There are four spots in the campaign: One on not destroying what you are shooting; on not taking photos without permission; on not taking crazy selfies and finally on not being a jerk on the subway.


Check them out.

The campaign is a smart, funny call-to-action device by the brand that makes the point of behaving well, while also showing that Canon cares. 

Picture of Sangsoo Chong

Sangsoo Chong

Former Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather in Seoul and later VP and Chief Talent Officer of the Diamond Ogilvy Group, Sangsoo Chong (정상수) is now a professor of advertising and PR at Cheongju University.


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