Korean Soccer Legend Ahn Jung Hwan in Funny New Spot for Canon

In a clever new advertisement filmed by Seoul-based Dolphiner for Canon Korea, former Korean soccer star Ahn Jung Hwan finds himself in an interesting predicament when spending time with his kids.


Ahn Jung Hwan Voiceover:
“My fierce games have ended. Now it’s time to learn how to enjoy and relax.” He spots a thief fleeing from the police and says, “Wait. My games have not ended yet.”


Check it out:

Funny right?

Even the Korean hashtags are hilarious. #panningshot #obstructinganofficer #prisonfood #fuck


Ahn rose to national acclaim during the 2002 World Cup in Korea before going on to play in Japan, France, Germany, South Korea and China. He retired years ago and became a sportscaster.

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Canon tapped him as a spokesman and placed him in the interesting storyline with the aim of reaching a younger Korean audience that watches TV Commercials less and less. This is not only because they often enjoy their favorite shows without commercials on their smartphones, but because they are no longer drawn to the tired old formulaic commercial making model.

My favorite part about this spot is the wonderfully clever twist at the end. It hearkens to the humorous aspect of the old Korean saying that, “A horse may stumble on four feet.”

In some ways, Korea has lost the use of fun storylines in its commercials at some point. Directors became more enamored with beautifully framed shots with celebrities and the mise en scéne more than anything else.

That’s why this spot stands out for me and it has for many others since it went viral on the peninsula. Everyone loves a good story with a surprise at the end.

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