Cannes Lions Talks: ‘Break the Standard – Leading Business Creation With Unique Experience’

Taehan Yoo and Ayumi Sasaki

Taehan Yoo, Design Director, Fjord Tokyo, Senior Principal, Accenture Song, and Ayumi Sasaki, Interaction Design Lead at Fjord Tokyo, will be speaking with Takatoshi Nakamura, Head of Design at Minna Bank, for a talk at Cannes Lions this week entitled, “Break the Standard – Leading Business Creation With Unique Experience.”

Synopsis: While the user behavior of the digital native is rapidly changing, progress in financial services have been hamstrung by regulations and conventional systems. “Minna Bank” in Japan faced a similar challenge, yet they boldly set a vision to re-design the 150-year-old industry to become a new kind of bank for digital natives, one that listens to them, a bank that’s built by everyone (Minna). In this session, we will deep dive into the process of how we broke the standard of traditional industry and what it means to build an “experience-led business.” We will also explore key insights that lie at the core of a unique experience, how we extended them to enterprise aspects as well to build new organization, workstyle, mindset and culture.

Many companies tend to rely on an industry-wide approach of first creating a business plan for business transformation,” said Taehan Yoo.


“While important, this approach often does not consider the overall brand experience and may not build a deep customer connection in the long term. The key to making an industry shift is to first consider the brand experience. Companies must design their business with an integrated experience in mind and ensure that this experience is reflected in its processes, systems, and overall organization. Creating unique experiences is critical in helping brands grow and achieve sustainable business results.”

Key questions the session will answer:

  • How can we connect insights to unique experiences?
  • How to create an open culture in a stagnant industry?
  • What is the key to next-generation business transformation?

Designing a meaningful experience is easier said than done. It requires deep insights and research to ensure that the experience is as frictionless and simple as possible for the user,” added Ayumi Sasaki.

“Brands can fall into the trap of coming up with new designs to be different, or they may forget the user profile they are designing for. As designers, we must maintain a clear vision and have deep understanding of the users’ culture so that we can create rewarding experiences for everyone. We are excited to share our design journey and key lessons from our work with Minna Bank at Cannes Lions.”


The talk will take place Tuesday, 21 June, 16:15-16:45 CET. You can get more info here.

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