Cannes Lions Announces Day Two Winners – ‘Backup Ukraine’ Wins Grand Prix

Check out all the Grand Prix winners along with how well Asia fared on day two.

Cannes Lions 2022 has announced its day two winners across the categories of Industry Craft Lions, Digital Craft Lions, Film Craft Lions, Design Lions, Entertainment Lions, Entertainment Lions For Music, and Entertainment Lions for Sport.

Some highlights included a Grand Prix going to ‘Backup Ukraine’, an initative created by Virtue Worldwide, New York, that invites civilians to digitally preserve their nation by using their phones or tablets to capture objects or even rooms in 3D.

The day also marked Portugal winning its first-ever Grand Prix in the Design Lions.


Day Two Winners

Film Craft Lions

The Film Craft Lions, which celebrates onscreen artistry, received 1,711 entries. The jury chose to award 54 Lions: 11 Gold,  17 Silver and 25 Bronze.

The Grand Prix went to ‘The Wish’, for Penny, by Serviceplan Germany Munich.

“Ultimately we awarded the Grand Prix to a film that is almost a throwback to classic filmmaking and had to be so perfectly crafted on every level to truly resonate and work,” said Patrick Milling-Smith, Co-Founder & Global CEO, SMUGGLER, USA,


“In the wrong hands a film like this could have been lost to over sentimentality, or victim to a few false notes, but it is in fact perfectly complete and the obvious work of a filmmaker in utter command of his craft.”

Asia Winners

There were two Lions awarded to Asia-based agencies, one for Dentsu Inc. Tokyo which won a Bronze Lion for their Pocari Swear “Find Your Own Way” campaign.

Method & Madness Singapore/Studio Birthplace Klang took home a Bronze Lion for their Greenpeace UK campaign, “Wasteminster – A Downing Street Disaster”.

Digital Craft Lions

Of the 661 entries received in the Digital Craft Lions, 21 Lions were awarded by the jury: 3 Gold,  7 Silver and 10 Bronze.

The Grand Prix was presented to, ‘Backup Ukraine’, by Virtue Worldwide, New York.

“The Backup Ukraine project allows all the citizens from Ukraine to preserve their greatest wealth as a nation: their culture. Using a real-time smartphone camera and GPS, everyone can capture any place or monument in minutes and save the data as blueprints in the cloud to preserve it forever,” said Digital Craft Lions Jury President, Luciana Haguiara, Executive Creative Director, Media.Monks, Brazil.

“And all of this, with their own phones. A project that turns every Ukrainian citizen into a guardian of their national heritage. Because culture is the identity of people and it can’t be destroyed.”

Asia Winners

Dentsu Creative India took home Gold for “The Unfiltered History Tour“.

Design Lions

In the Design Lions, 1,058 entries were received and 38 Lions were awarded by the jury including 6 Gold, 10 Silver, and 21 Bronze.

The first-ever Grand Prix was won by Portugal for the ‘Portuguese (Re)Constitution’, for Penguin Books, by FCB Lisbon.

“This year’s Grand Prix in Design shows the power of a simple idea — freedom, and the use of the most primitive medium to execute it — a pencil,” said Design Lions Jury President, Lisa Smith, Executive Creative Director, Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), USA.

“We debated at length whether a publication should be a Grand Prix in an era where we have all the technology and innovation at our fingertips, but the symbolism of defacing a fascist constitution with poems using words selected from the historic document and illustrations covering the remaining ones was not only the highest form of craft and execution but sending a beautiful message of freedom of speech that many children in Portuguese schools will go on to learn for years to come.”

Asia Winners

Representing Pakistan and  Portugal, AZGARD Nine Limited Lahore, This is Pacifica Porto and Steam and Tough Guy Lisbon have won a Gold and Bronze Lion for their Azgard 9 “Co2at” campaign.

The Nippon Foundation Tokyo has won a Silver Lion for “The Tokyo Toilet”.

Dentsu Inc. Tokyo’s The Ad Museum Tokyo/Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation “Beautiful Mutations” campaign took home Bronze Lion.

Industry Craft Lions

The Industry Craft Lions, which celebrates the creative artistry, talent, and skill required to bring a creative idea to life, received 1,134 entries and 25 Lions were awarded: 5 Gold, 10 Silver,  9 Bronze Lions.

The Grand Prix was awarded to ‘Hope Reef’, for Mars Petcare, by AMV BBDO, London.

Asia Winners

Asia took home five Lions with Dentsu Inc. Tokyo’s Lions winning both a Gold Lion and a Silver Lion for The Ad Museum Tokyo / Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation “Beautiful Mutations”.

Geometry Ogilvy Japan / Ogilvy South Africa won a Silver Lion for their Spotify Japan “Sound Tour” campaign, while Ogilvy Bangkok’s “No Pests Allowed”  for Googo Green won a Bronze Lion.

“A Silent Frown” by DDB Mudra Mumbai for the Charlie Chaplin Foundation won a Silver Lion.

Entertainment Lions

The Entertainment Lions received 655 entries this year and 25 Lions were awarded by the jury: 4 Gold, 7 Silver, and 13 Bronze.

The Grand Prix went to ‘Eat a Swede’ for the Swedish Food Federation, by McCANN Stockholm.

Entertainment Lions Jury President, Maria Garrido, Global CMO, Formerly Vivendi, France, said, “I was mesmerized, disturbed, entertained, amused and hungry all at the same time!”

Asia Winners

Representing Asia, there were two Silver Lion winners – one awarded to Tencent In-House Shenzhen for Dunhuang “Dubbing The Movie” and BYJU’S Bengaluru for the “Master Ji” campaign.

Happiness Saigon along with Happiness Brussels won a Bronze Lion for their creative work on the “Crispy Subtitles” campaign for Lays.

Entertainment Lions for Music

In the Entertainment Lions for Music, 390 entries were received and 17 Lions were awarded: 4 Gold, 5 Silver and 7 Bronze.

The Grand Prix was awarded to the Residente music video, ‘This Is Not America ft Ibeyi’, by Doomsday Entertainment, Los Angeles / Sony Music Latin, Miami, USA.

“We awarded the Grand Prix to this piece of work, because of the video’s undeniably stunning visuals and incredible production quality,” said Entertainment Lions for Music Jury President Amani Duncan, CEO, BBH, USA.

“While the video has a very distinct point of view that may not be shared by all, it is an extremely powerful statement on socio-economic and culture from an underserved community. Music has always been a key platform for protest songs throughout history and one that we all want to continue to see in years to come.”

Asia Winners

Six Inc. Tokyo, Hakuhodo Inc. Tokyo and Hakuhodo Kettle Inc. Tokyo were awarded a Bronze Lion in the Entertainment Lions For Music category for “Play Has No Limits Feat. Kenshi Yonezu

Entertainment for Sport Lions

The Entertainment for Sport Lions, which “celebrates creativity that taps into fan culture and leverages the power of sports and eSports in connecting people to brands,” received 558 entries with 22 Lions being awarded by the jury: 3 Gold, 7 Silver, and 11 Bronze.

The Grand Prix was awarded to ‘NikeSync’, for Nike by R/GA London.

Young Lions

In the Young Lions: the Young Lions Design Gold award was won by ‘MyBeastie® by WWF x Tamagotchi’,  Jonas Hjort and Marcus Mahecha, Denmark.

The Young Lions Digital Gold award was won by ‘Unstereotype Skins’ by Jackson Elliott and William Campion, Australia.

You can view the full results here.

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