Can you Decode Jeep’s Morse Code ‘Call to Adventure’?

The Jeep brand grille design has long been an icon that serves “as an invitation for adventure,” says the brand. But what if it could communicate?

Inspired by the Jeep brand grille, Publicis Middle East has created a new language of adventure based on the grille’s distinctive dots and dashes: O|||||||O

Just as Morse Code is made up of a series of dots and dashes, the Jeep brand grille has inspired a new font that’s refined to match the exact dimensions of the dots and lines of the Jeep brand grille. This design language features prominently in a new print and outdoor campaign called ‘The Call of Adventure’, created by Publicis Groupe Middle East.


“The Middle East’s Jeep brand community is among one of the strongest Jeep brand communities in the world,” said Melhem Najm, Chief Marketing Officer – at Stellantis, Middle East & Africa.

“They live and breathe our brand values of adventure and discovery, know us inside out, and recognize our brand in an instant. They are explorers who choose the road less travelled. We needed to talk to them in a special way only they would understand, showing that no one understands them better than we do.”

‘The Call of Adventure’, created by Publicis Middle East, is a campaign that only true explorers will respond to. It is a campaign without a traditional call to action (CTA) – no Jeep brand name, just dots and dashes waiting to be decoded by the Jeep brand community.


“For an audience that seeks adventure, having no CTA is the strongest CTA,” explains Tuki Ghiassi, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Middle East.

“We loved the idea of giving the Jeep brand grille a voice, urging people to get back out there into the wild. So, we created a new Jeep brand grille font, which is based on the dimensions and look-and-feel of the Jeep brand grille logo. Then we used it to build all our messages, because the Jeep brand community doesn’t want all the answers – they want to discover things for themselves. The 7-slot Jeep brand grille is inseparable from the brand – a powerful icon that’s instantly recognizable to the Jeep brand community. It would be difficult for any other automotive brand to communicate in such relevant a way.”

In the same way that Morse Code is used to connect far-flung destinations, the Jeep brand Call of Adventure Font is the language of adventure, unique to the Jeep brand and its community.

To help people reveal the full meaning of the campaign, the Jeep brand has unveiled a simple hidden microsite where messages can be decoded, revealing taglines like ‘Disconnect’, ‘Off-grid’ and ‘Exhale’. The Jeep brand community can create their own calls of adventure by uploading their most adventurous photos and adding coded messages, ready for sharing.

To decode the campaign, visit


Client: Jeep® (Stellantis)

Agency: Publicis Groupe Middle East

Executive Creative Director: Tuki Ghiassi

Creative Director: Anton Marais

Integration Director: Ray Samman

Chief Creative Officer: Rafael Augusto

Creative Director: Mohamed Bareche

Associate Creative Director: Diego Wortmann

Associate Creative Director: Erick Monero

Senior Art Director: Paulo Ottaviani

Art Director: Randy Balbon

Junior Art Director: Ehab Salman

Business Lead: Jean Traboulsi

Senior Account Manager: Marine Melhem


Chief Marketing Officer – at Stellantis, Middle East & Africa: Melhem Najm

Head of Marcom – Jeep Middle East: Cristina Guida La Licata

Brand Marketing – Jeep Middle East: Lyda Camargo

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