Can an Amart Sofa Survive a 15,000 Foot Drop? (No, no it can’t)

    By Sam Roth - Dec 7, 2020
    Can an Amart Sofa Survive a 15,000 Foot Drop? (No, no it can’t)

    Amart has launched a new tv campaign featuring one of their sofas falling 15,000 feet from the sky to the ground below. The campaign, launched by BMF, is part of their new platform ‘It Just Makes Sense.’ We can assure you, it sort of does.

    And that’s the joke and the fun.

    As the couch hurls through the air and a dramatic score plays, the narrator states “What could possibly be going through the mind of this sofa?”

    Followed shortly after by, “It’s thinking, ‘I am an Amart Sofa, I am amazing.'”

    The spot highlights the all-inclusive guarantee that Amart makes that covers every aspect of their sofas. Which is quite necessary in this particular case as the couch is obliterated upon impact.


    Client: Amart
    CEO: Lee Chadwick
    COO: Scott Pears
    General Manager, Customer: Sam Viney
    National Marketing Manager: Tracey Kruske
    Marketing Manager: Larissa Lees
    Marketing Executive: Michaela Sharp

    Creative Agency: BMF
    Chief Creative Officer: Alex Derwin
    Creative: Stephanie Allen
    Senior Designer: Fiona McLeod
    Senior Designer: Melinda Cole
    Chief Strategy Officer: Christina Aventi
    Group Planning Director: Thomasine Burnap
    Chief Executive Officer: Stephen McArdle
    Head of Account Management: Richard Woods
    Senior Account Manager: Siham Zirkak
    Head of TV: Jenny Lee-Archer
    Director: Hamish Rothwell
    Production Company: Good Oil Films
    Executive Producer: Juliet Bishop
    Executive Producer: Andrew McLean
    DOP: Jac Fitzgerald
    DOP Aerials: Joe Jennings
    DOP Shotover: Greg Wilson
    Editor: Lucas Baynes
    Post Production: Arc Edit
    Music: Original composition by Elliott Wheeler @ Turning Studios
    Sound Design & Audio production: Rumble Studios


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