Campaign in South Korea Lets You Turn in Beach Litter for Free Snacks

Cheil Worldwide has launched a new campaign called ‘Seanack’ that turns coastal waste into currency to buy snacks. The creative work incorporates gamification in the campaign by giving snacks in exchange for discarded waste and is aimed at raising awareness about the ocean waste problem and encouraging plogging – an activity that combines jogging with picking up litter.

As social distancing policies loosen up in South Korea, beaches around the country will be open for the first time in three years. Partnering with K-Green Foundation, the Korea Tourism Organization, and Lotte Department Store, Cheil Worldwide is running the Seanack campaign on four beaches for four weeks starting from the end of July as beaches will be crowded with more vacationers, generating more waste than usual.

The concept is simple: First, find a Seanack truck at the designated beach, and borrow the available cleaning tools. Pick up waste on the beach and bring it back to the Seanack truck. Measure the weight of the waste and based on the exchange rate, get snacks in various marine animal shapes such as whales, squids, and crabs. People need to bring their own container, anything that is reusable such as a hat or a tumbler. The participant who picked up the heaviest waste on that day wins a special gift.


People who cannot visit beaches can still participate in Seanack by plogging anywhere and posting a proof shot on social media with hashtags. Marine animal-shaped snacks will be given out through a lucky draw.

“Seanack campaign creates similar experiences to those experienced when playing games – motivating and engaging people as they are invited to the much enjoyable activity of logging,” said Choi Yul, Chairperson, K-Green Foundation.

“We hope this campaign provides an opportunity to think about sea pollution and environmental issues once again.”


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