Campaign in The Philippines Reminds People ‘We Will Travel Again’

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Jun 15, 2020
    Campaign in The Philippines Reminds People ‘We Will Travel Again’

    With lockdown policies affecting travel across the globe, businesses and local communities in the Philippines are struggling. To raise awareness of the issue, Grid Magazine has launched a short film to remind Filipinos “why we travel.”

    The two-minute video, “We Will Travel Again”, was released on the eve of the Philippines’ Independence Day, June 12, and is “a tribute to travelers and the people they meet on the way,” said Grid.

    The video was produced by Grid Executive Editor Francisco Guerrero, along with filmmakers Al Cruz, Mike Dee, Carmen Del Prado, Lyka Gonzales, and JC Valencia.

    “We had tough decisions to make when the travel restrictions hit,” said Guerrero. “Like any business, we didn’t know if we would survive it. But after two months of sitting around and worrying, we started talking about the people we’ve met on our travels and what they must be going through. We decided to go back to the archive and make an homage to travel. It’s time to reexamine the way we travel, so that we can have a positive impact.”

    Some of those featured in the video include the founder of the Cordillera Conservation Trust, JP Alipio; National Scientist of the Philippines 2014, Dr. Angel Alcala; designer and owner of Siama Hotel, Milo Naval; freediver Tara Abrina; and surfer Manuel Melindo.

    “The film is a bit of a battle cry for us as well, to remember why we exist as a publication. We wanted to create a film that looks both back and forward. Looking forward, we are going to look back on what we’ve always done: Small stories in a big way. We want to tell stories about Filipinos, about activists, scientists, runners, farmers… We are going to go back to communities. And it’s no longer just about growth, it’s also about recovery.”


    Executive Editor: Francisco Guerrero
    Filmmakers: Al Cruz, Mike Dee, Carmen Del Prado, Lyka Gonzales, JC Valencia

    Featuring, in order of appearance:
    Gaps Sabuero
    Mia Sebastian
    Manuel Melindo
    Nayna Katigbak
    Ikit and Aping Agudo
    JP Alipio
    Thumbie Remedio
    Ruel Trias
    Tara Abrina
    Cattski Espina
    Dr. Angel Alcala
    Milo Naval
    Mario Pascobello
    Miguel Nacianceno
    Harry Taronja
    Lea Goeson
    Allan Bantucan
    Julius Villamor
    Andrew Chinalpan
    Rene Juntereal
    Kiddo Cosio
    Joncey Sumulong
    Rico Espejon
    Pia Lopez


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