Campaign in Thailand Warns ‘Beware of the Sun’ At Sunset and Sunrise

Vaseline addresses the fact that not a lot of people know that the sun is also dangerous at sunrise and sunset.





According to a new campaign from Vaseline in Thailand, people there put so much effort and importance into their skin that they wouldn’t want to get exposed to the sun without putting on sunscreen during the day, be it on the beaches or in the cities. Thais are well aware of the danger of the sun, from severe burns to skin cancer.

However, only 14.3% of them know that the sun is also dangerous at sunrise and sunset.

The campaign aims to highlight that the sun emits UV rays outside of peak daylight hours, even as early as 6-8 a.m. and as late as 4-6 pm. Therefore, it was important to convey the need to wear sunscreen in the early morning and evening hours to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. But how can Vaseline, the undisputed leader of skincare in


By flipping the visual representation of this danger on its head. Ogilvy Singapore and Vaseline turned every sunset and sunrise in Thailand into a billboard, transforming them into the universal warning sign, the “!”

Louis Piereck, Senior Global Brand Director, Vaseline said “Vaseline’s mission is to give everybody healthy skin and let them live without limits. We want to educate the public about the dangers of the sun on the skin at any time of the day, and this simple yet distinctive idea does exactly that!”

Nicolas Courant, Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy Singapore added “Now, every time you will see a sunset or a sunrise you will be reminded to put sunscreen on”


The message was spread around Thailand on contextual billboards in hyper-relevant locations and magazines, displaying a warning signs exclusively at sunrise and
sunset. There were also warnings promoted online, as influencers flipped their sunset and sunrise pics into warnings


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Chief Creative Officer – Nicolas Courant, Marco Versolato
Executive Creative Director – Nikhill Panjwani
Creative Director – Stephan Schwarz
Associate Creative Director, Art – Bruno Andrade
Senior Art Director – Hugo Suissas Senior Copywriter – Tiago Silva

Worldwide Managing Director – David Dahan Global Managing Partner – Aanchal Sethi Business Director – MJ Pena
Account Director – Joyce D’souza
Account Manager – Joey Lew

Executive Strategy Director – Sumegha Rao

Strategy Director – Dilip Garga

Head of Production – Gerri Hamill Integrated Producer – Carolyn Ong Senior Print Producer – Gina Tan Production Coordinator – Nazurah Zulfakir

Post House (Print) – Studio Boreal Production House (Film) – Double Y
Post House (Film) – Chameleon

Global Brand Vice President, Vaseline – Kathleen Dunlop
Senior Global Brand Director, Vaseline – Louis Piereck
Global Brand Manager, Vaseline – Jeet Vijan
UFLP Management Trainee (Marketing) – Zoe Chan
Thailand Brand Lead, Vaseline – Surachaidungthavin, Ruthaipat Thailand Brand Manager, Vaseline – Kitichaiwat, Panapat

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