Campaign in India Calls for Fair Wages and Better Conditions for Tea Plantation Workers

CupShup has teamed up with Oxfam India for a campaign calling for fair wages and better living conditions for tea plantation workers of Assam.

Through CupShup’s network, Oxfam India aims to create awareness regarding the living & working conditions of tea plantation workers in Assam in Northeast India. The campaign also encourages corporate employees to donate and support the cause.

The team distributed cups to more than 200 companies across Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru with taglines and quotes printed on them highlighting the issues faced by tea farmers in their day-to-day life.


“We are delighted to be associated with such a noble cause with Oxfam India,” said Sidharth Singh, Co-Founder, CupShup.

“The cups distributed to our network is primarily used for consumption of tea, hence, associating ourselves with a cause which would benefit the ones who help produce tea on ground made a lot of us sense for me & my team. Through this campaign, CupShup is not only going to help them raise donations but also enlighten the corporates about the severe conditions which a tea plantation worker faces in his/her day to day life.”


“Our research points to the fact that the tea plantation workers and their families have a very vulnerable existence,” said Amitabh Behar, CEO, Oxfam India. “It is important that Indian consumers continue enjoying their cup of tea and at the same time demand fair living wages for workers. Our partnership with CupShup is extremely valuable and we hope to receive support from corporates for the campaign. It will help us fight for the rights of tea workers and improve their lives.”

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