Campaign in Hong Kong Celebrates LGBTQ+ Families and the Meaning of ‘Home’

In celebration of Pride Month through the month of June, Virtual Insurer OneDegree has launched a campaign to rethink how people can foster a more inclusive culture through initiating practical changes in the community.

The brand is launching its Home Insurance to extend coverages to diverse families with an ad campaign developed by Giraffe Hong Kong with media distribution amplified by Carat.

The campaign includes a two-and-a-half-minute film featuring unscripted interviews with 10 LGBTQ+ couples, including Kayla Wong and her fiancée Elaine Chen-Fernandez, where they expressed thoughts around their definition of “home”, a definition that might differ by person but is still universal by nature – it’s built from LOVE.


“To share a dream home with your beloved one should be something you deserve for, but not something you have to fight for,” said Sean Lee, Creative Partner of Giraffe Hong Kong.

“This is why we come up with an idea that simply asking all the couples “What is home?”, to show that LGBTQ+ and straight families are just the same. We share the same needs, thus deserve the same protection.”


“We believe that insurance is not only a written insure on paper, but a promise that we give to protect all families out there,” said Alvin Kwock, co-founder of OneDegree Group. “OneDegree identifies the market gap and the need for inclusiveness for a diverse community.”

Since the social media video launched on Jun 8, it has already achieved over 1.5m views and created a lot of social discussion and cares to the topics. This is a “Truman Show” video that we don’t have any scripts from the couples, it’s authentically their voices. Home in LGBTQ+ eyes are same as anyone else, and therefore we truly believe we shall treat them equally as any others, giving them the same rights and privileges under our Home Insurance Product,” added, Emily Chow, General Manager of OneDegree.


Advertiser :

OneDegree Hong Kong Limited
Carrie Foon, Head of Branding & Marcom
Jamie Ng, Head of Growth
Rachel Chan, Senior Marketing Manager
Ching Chui, Social Media & Community Manager

Media Agency:

Carat Media Services Hong Kong
Polly Ip, Business Director
Tammy Mo, Associate Buying Director
Kitty Kwan, Associate Planning Director
Carina Wong, Senior Planner
Ashley Yeung, Programmatic Director
Jason Chan, Senior Programmatic Trader

Creative Agency:

Giraffe Hong Kong
Sean Lee – Creative Partner
Steph Kwan – Creative Director
Nam Chan – Account Director

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