Campaign From Deaf Thai Foundation Turns Everyday Life Content into Hearing Check


The Deaf Thai Foundation, a charity organization that supports the hearing-impaired, partnered with CJ WORX Bangkok for a new campaign to raise awareness about hearing loss among Thai people through a new initiative: making hearing check-ups more accessible to everyone through ‘The Ordinary Life Hearing Test.’

CJ WORX collaborated with Thai content creators such as Salmon Podcast, Main Stand, What the duck, Believe, TNN News, Youtubers, and Tiktokers, to transform their videos into specifically designed content for checking hearing loss within the 2,000 – 4,000 Hz. frequency range, which most people commonly experience hearing loss. This includes podcasts, music, news and various other contents.



Agency: CJ WORX
Creative Chairman & Founder: Saharath Sawadatikom
Creative Director: Saharath Sawadatikom, Vuttichai Chongsanguan, Chalotorn Nuanthong
Copywriter: Vuttichai Chongsanguan, Phanisa Wangsuk
Art Director: Chalotorn Nuanthong, Umavadee Vitayapradit, Saharath Sawadatikom
Agency Producer: Saralrat Chalermsripinyorach
Managing Director: Chawana Keeratiyutamonkul
Senior Account Director: Pattaranun Deesonthichot
Senior Media Buyer Manager: Kanokkorn Inthasaro
Senior Media Buyer: Prinya Sinhaseni
Sound Production: Mellow Tunes
Sound Designer: Artit Vongmetta
Music Director: Siwat Homkham
Sound Producer: Krittiya Keamarojanavong


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