Campaign Redefines Thailand School Uniform Rules Encouraging Girls to ‘Go Their Own Way’

    The uniforms comply with school dress codes but transform into four "bold looks" to match the girls’ after-school lifestyles, says the brand.

    By The Staff - Oct 12, 2020
    Campaign Redefines Thailand School Uniform Rules Encouraging Girls to ‘Go Their Own Way’

    The Ready-To-Go Uniform collection, developed in collaboration with fashion brand Post-Thesis and Wunderman Thompson Thailand, uses Wacoal’s flexible bras to set girls free from conformity.

    Launched on social channels and the popular gaming platform “Animal Crossing”, the collection has gained a  social voice as it “dares to redefine old traditions and strict regulations in Thai schools, where students are obliged to wear uniforms from kindergarten all the way to university, often with severe punishments for those who don’t,” said the brand in a release.

    With 4 different designs, the uniforms comply with the school’s dress codes but easily transform into 4 bold looks to match the girls’ after-school lifestyles. They all come with Wacoal Go Girl bras that can adjust sizes to fit all body shapes – and every kind of activity.

    “Wacoal’s way of working is to always welcome the new,” said Supranee Auiyasathian, Digital Marketing & Channel Manager, Wacoal Thailand. “This collaboration with Post-Thesis is not only relevant to our young consumers, it also aligns with our objective to deliver innovation.”

    “As a designer, my inspiration was to create a uniform that could bend the rules,” added Tin Tunsopon, Founder and Creative Director, post-thesis. “I like how this has stirred conversations and raised questions upon uniforms, rules, and traditional values, whether they are still relevant to modern lifestyles or not.”

    “We didn’t want to do just an ad but to create something that really showed the brand’s POV and understanding of their target audience,” said Park Wannasiri, Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson Thailand. “By fighting conformity in school, Wacoal aligns with girls on something that’s very close to their hearts.”



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