Campaign Calls on Malaysian Women to Get to Know Their ‘V Zone’

Leading feminine care brand, Libresse has partnered with Havas Immerse Malaysia to launch the “Know Your V” to create awareness and educate women on their V zone, a sensitive yet important feminine health matter.

According to the brand many Malaysian women have minimal understanding of their V-zone area, due to the negative cultural pressure or taboos, unnecessary shaming, and general uncertainty surrounding the sensitivity of the subject.


The film was produced together with ThinkTank Productions and directed by Carolyn Chon. To make the message memorable, a modern twist was incorporated on a classic song, “Getting to Know You” by Julie Andrews to describe the positive feeling of getting to know your V-Zone better.

The message is amplified through A Libresse official website that serves as a platform for women to learn more about their V-zone. The site also allows people to test their knowledge with a quiz.

“In the context of Malaysia’s cultural and social landscape, this campaign makes a bold statement that it’s important to know about your V-zone,” said Verene Lee, Marketing Manager, Libresse on the campaign. “The challenges and roadblocks encountered made us believe in the importance of the message of the campaign even more deeply.

“We are confident that this campaign will resonate with the audience and help Libresse to make a meaningful difference, empowering Malaysian women to start open discussions, seek education, and feel comfortable with their bodies,” said Kerry Khoo, Chief Creative Officer, Havas, Havas Immerse Malaysia.


“Working on Libresse opened my eyes to a part of us that many took for granted,” added Ungku Farah Hazeleena from the account management. “It’s been a meaningful journey and I hope that this is just the start where we can inspire Malaysian women to overcome taboos about their bodies and inspire them to learn more about it.”


  • Chief Creative Officer: Kerry Khoo
  • Creative: Ong Yu Xin, Angelyn Ho, Kwee Keak Lee, Khaleeq Sarfaraz, Syakeera Hamid
  • Account Management: Ungku Farah Hazeleena, Cheyenne Lim


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