Campaign Asks People to Donate Their Age to Fight Cancer – Because Every Year is a Blessing

The campaign asks people to donate $1 for every year of life that they have been lucky enough to live, to help cure every child of cancer.


Children’s Cancer Institute



The Pool Collective

The Children’s Cancer Institute has launched ‘Donate Your Age’ – a new fundraising campaign created by independent agency Orphan that asks people to donate $1 for every year of life that they have been lucky enough to live, to help cure every child of cancer.

“Most of us complain about getting old. The grey hairs, the lines, and the wrinkles. But the truth is, growing old is actually a privilege,” said Ant Hatton, founder of Orphan.

“Something we should all be thankful for. Sadly, 3 children die from cancer every week in Australia. These kids don’t get the chance to find out what they want to do, or who they want to be.


‘Donate Your Age’ is not just about giving, it’s about gratitude. It’s about showing your appreciation, for every precious year of life that you’ve been given. If you’re 32, you can donate $32. If you’re 56, you can donate $56, and so on.”

Back in September 2022, independent agency Orphan, created a new brand platform for Children’s Cancer Institute titled ‘A life should be long’. Donate Your Age is the first major fundraising campaign to be executed under the new platform.

Hans Berents, founder of Orphan says: “In a crowded charity category, with so many important organisations reaching out for money, we wanted to do something specific to the cause rather than a generic call for donations. Donate Your Age is a fresh take on fundraising, firmly rooted in empathy and gratitude, and could only be done for a children’s charity such as Children’s Cancer Institute.”


With Donate Your Age, the younger you are, the less you are asked to give, so the hope is that the younger generation will get involved with the campaign and the cause too.

Heather Mcllfatrick, – General Manager, Brand, Communications & Digital at CCI says: “When we kicked off the A Life Should be Long concept with Orphan last year, we knew it had enormous potential and really resonated with our donors. Ant and Hans have found the perfect way of taking this concept to the next level through the unique Donate Your Age campaign.

Arresting and engaging, the stunning creative and simple call to action, showcasing different people at different stages of life, will, we hope, make it very difficult to ignore! Jump onboard and help our researchers cure all kids of cancer.”

The ‘Donate Your Age Campaign’ will run until September 2023, and consist of TV, cinema, OOH, DM, print, digital, and social. If you would like to help find a cure for every child with cancer, Donate Your Age today


Creative Agency: Orphan

Client: Children’s Cancer Institute

Chief Marketing and Fundraising Officer: Anne Johnston

General Manager, Brand, Communications & Digital: Heather Mcllfatrick

Marketing Lead: Briony Doney

Head of Brand and Content: Paul Wiggins

Production Company: The Pool Collective

Director, DP, Photographer: Ingvar Kenne

Alchemist: Cameron Gray

Production Manager: Zoe Izzard

Casting: Toni Higginbotham

Retouching: Cream

Post Production: ARC EDIT

Editor: Lucas Baynes

Colour Grade & Online: Dan Molony

Executive Producer, ARC EDIT: Daniel Fry

Sound and music: Rumble Studios

Producer: Irene Kakopieros

Composer: Jeremy Richmond

Sound Designer: Tone Aston

Sound Designer: Daniel Williams

Media: Zenith

Investment Director: James Chapman

Senior Digital Executive: Elizabeth Netting


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