Café de Coral & Dentsu Creative Hong Kong Launch Fun New Curry Campaign

Hong Kong fast-food chain Café de Coral has launched an extended campaign of their “A Taste of Togetherness (有大家就有大家樂)” creative platform to bond with younger generations; instead of tugging more heartstrings, the brand this time goes for laughs.

In their latest Curry Campaign via Dentsu Creative Hong Kong to celebrate their signature Hong Kong Curry series plus the debut of more exotic Curry flavors, the brand released pun-intended bite-sized episodes and pop visuals to dramatize how tasty their dishes are and even prank their original logo by putting the Chinese word for Curry over it (大咖樂), in English it would be “Curry de Coral”

According to Dentsu Creative, the videos surround the catchphrase “Every bite (好食到), …”, and complete the sentence with different Hong Kong slang that is dramatically performed in surreal scenarios, such as “makes me fly” (曉飛), “is so bomb (爆)”, “makes me tremble” (震) etc. The narrative style also provides hilarious twists to reveal the brand product towards the end of each episode to attract audiences to follow through.


Accompanying the videos is a series of comical illustrations and social stunts on their own platforms (such as blurred captures of the curry rice mimicking the notion of “trembling”) have garnered a lot of positive engagements; besides the usual digital banners, social posts, bus bodies and TVs, what might have left audiences in awe was their market-first cinema ad placement which combines physical stimulation – the cinema seats will vibrate when “It makes me tremble” is playing.

Image via Dentsu Creative

“The campaign might feel like a 180-degree turn compared to our “A Taste of Togetherness” brand campaign, it’s actually consistent with our brand’s core value of celebrate togetherness,” said William Tsing, Marketing Director of Café de Coral.


“Having fun will definitely amplify the taste of togetherness. And the Café de Coral brand is elevating to embrace “Togetherness” in locally dialled humorous manner.”

Image via Dentsu Creative

“No one will be tired of good laughs,” added Diana Tam, Managing Partner, and Director of Operations of Dentsu Creative Hong Kong. “Just like our reasons to be together, it’s as simple as that.”


Café De Coral

Managing Director: Piony Leung
Corporate Director: William Tsing
Assistant Marketing Manager: Wing Lam
Marketing Officer: Bevy Lee

Dentsu Hong Kong

Blue Wong, Ronald Yiu, Tammie Tan, Kuga Ku
Account Servicing: Diana Tam, Bethany Yiu, Shirley Shum

Head of Trading and Partnership: David Chan
Media Planning: Polly Ip, Karen Tam, Esther Cheung
Media Buying: Isabella Suen, Karina Wong, Holiday Luk
Programmatic Trading: Ashley Yeung, Iris Kwok

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